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10 Characters That Deserve More, Better, A Book Their Own, etc.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is all about those secondary or minor characters that deserve more or better or maybe a whole book of their own; or simply deserved something else than they actually did in the book too. Each of my picks today is one or more of these three things: more, better, or a whole book of their own….

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So here is my list of

10 Characters That Deserve More, ….

…. Better, A Book Their Own, or Other etcs.

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

In reality, there are so many other characters I can add for this series. But for some reason, every time I think of the Harry Potter series, the first person that comes to mind is Luna Lovegood; so here she is. She is on this list because I always felt that she deserved more space (word/page space) in the book as well as a better fate than she did.

I am loving the 2018 special edition of the series as well as the beautiful MinaLima illustrated collection; and have been tempted for too long by the Jim Kay illustrated editions.

Cinna/Rue from The Hunger Games

We recently started binge-watching the series online (both my son and I read the book(s) a few years ago); and as I looked through the literary birthdays for the week, I noticed it is Suzanne Collins’ birthday on August 10th! So a very happy birthday to her.

Getting back to the books, I do wish that both Cinna and Rue had gotten some more time in the book and the series itself somehow. And also, different fates for them?

Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings series

Eowyn was already one of my favorite characters of the books and when I watched the movies, that point was cemented. She is one of the few who represents girl-power in an otherwise male-dominated LOTR.

This is one of those where it was a pleasure watching the movies; and I did not spend too much time comparing the books to the movies because the movies were cool!

Beth from Little Women

Little Women makes an appearance in many top ten lists on my blog, so here it is one more time. From the very first time I read Little Women, I bemoaned the fate of Beth. While there is no competition at all for the favorite character from this book – Jo wins each and every time – I seriously wish for an alternate version of the book with a different story for Beth.

And this upcoming (Sept 2021) edition of the book sounds oh so tempting – Little Women: The Complete Novel, Featuring Letters and Ephemera from the Characters’ Correspondence, Written and Folded by Hand… It is not the one pictured however. The pictured edition is the 150th edition published a couple years ago and has beautiful original illustrations. I am just wondering how many more editions of this book I can get for myself 🙂

Madame Noirot and/or Madame Travere from The Book of Lost Names


This book includes so many others who very likely can have a whole book or at least a novella devoted to them. And Madame Noirot (the bookstore owner in the village of Aurignon) as well as Madame Travere (the teacher in the same village) come to mind. In addition, a story told from the perspective of any one of the children that Eva helps would be wonderful too!

The Book of Lost Names was certainly one of my favorite reads of last year; and has made it among my favorite books ever as well.

Marisol from The Library of Lost Things

I hope Marisol gets a book all her own for I truly loved reading about her and her family in this sweet, heartwarming read.

Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief

Rudy and Max played a tug of war for this spot here; and Rudy edged out to be the winner, barely. For Max does seem to have a fanbase all his own in various forms and ways.

The Book Thief was one of those reads that left my heart in a completely different place than it was when I began reading it.

Ampai from A Wish in the Dark

This was a powerhouse of a middle-grade read. Stunningly beautiful, hauntingly lyrical, and so much tugging at heartstrings all through the pages of A Wish in the Dark. And Ampai was one of those secondary characters who makes an impact that outlasts the reading of the book.

Millie from Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind was one of my first big reads (I think?!) While Scarlett’s story and Scarlett herself seems larger than life, some of the other characters left a deep impression on me. Mammy is certainly one of them. But sweet, sweet Millie is definitely one of those I felt deserved better.

Speaking of Mammy, looking for other books, I noticed that there is an authorized novel of Mammy now titled Ruth’s Journey.

Xavier from The Poet X

I would gladly read a book featuring Xavier. What about you? And if you are yet to read The Poet X, I suggest you do so soon… (but again, I have so many TBRs that have been languishing forever so I can’t blame you or suggest that you get to this soon at all!!)

And Then One More

A few characters from Lobizona came to mind as well but I am hoping they get more story-time in the second book that is currently waiting to be read in my ARC-queue. While another similar post from me earlier was about books that deserve more love…

A Recipe Inspired By the Hunger Games

Perfect for all those characters that deserve more!!

I found so many recipes across so many blogs that are inspired by The Hunger Games. And I found a few cookbooks as well, like this one titled ‘The Unofficial Recipes of The Hunger Games‘ or this similarly titled ‘The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

But for today, I decided to share a recipe my daughter enjoys making which might be very close to that rich decadence Katniss enjoys on her first meal on the train to the Capitol. Yes, drool-worthy devilishly delish chocolate cake

chocolate cake with sprinkles on top - perfect for all those characters that deserve more!!

Of course, ours has sprinkles on it because my DD (even now as a teen) simply loves sprinkling sprinkles!

Another time she baked it —

And the recipe we used is from Chocolate, Chocolate, and More… Check it out here

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of the listed books? Do you agree with my list of characters that deserve more – or any of the etcs?? Or maybe your list of characters that deserve more differs completely?? Maybe other books, other characters?? Do let me know. As always, I would love to hear any and all comments, suggestions, and recommendations on this post.

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  1. I personally feel books are far better than the movies they are transformed into. There is so much of depth to characters and situations which does not get portrayed efficiently in movies. Thanks for this interesting blog with the books that were made into movies and a few characters that deserved more than their share of fame. Great book choices and characters. Brought back various emotions attached to them. Wonderful post.

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