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G is Grand: G is for Gone With the Wind, Golden Shovel and Gorilla

My theme: something about books, something about poetry, and something about tech – QA in specific. G is Glorious: G is for Gone With the Wind, Golden Shovel, and Gorilla

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

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Entertainment Corner

G is Grand: G is for Gone With the Wind

The Book:

I read this 1037 pages book as a 15 year old (I think) and remember loving it. Scarlett – I loved her and hated her, rooted for her and berated her, laughed with her and cried with her – since even with all the characters that inhabited the pages of this book – this was her story. Granted, Rhett is larger than life, and Ashley, while not as large as life as Rhett, still left his impression over those pages. Mammy’s presence enveloped me in a cocoon of love and sweet Millie – I wept for her. Each and every character wormed their way into my heart, one way or another. 

1037 pages and you might think this was a looooong read but the book did not seem that long at all!

The Movie:

I was excited when one of the few TV stations we had at the time was going to play this movie. I sat down with the book right in front of the TV and raced/flipped through the pages to keep track with the movie. Looking back, I should have (would have if I had but thought of it then) sat down with a notebook and pen in hand so I could note down differences from the book.

Anyhow I did not do that, and it was so far away in the past I cannot recall it enough to write it down here so will simply mention that there are so many other websites that have done a good job of listing the differences.

Just like the book, the 4 hour long movie did not seem that long at all. I loved it.

The cast – Vivien Leigh played Scarlett to perfection, Clark Gable must have been Rhett Butler in a parallel universe, Hattie McDaniel fit Mammy to a T, and I could go on like this for almost the whole cast 🙂

The Question: Book or Movie

The book wins again, but it does mean that the movie lost. Read the book, yes; but you should definitely watch the movie too. And while the sequel got a pretty bad rap, I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed reading it – while not as good as GWTW, Scarlett’s character was captured pretty well and the author’s take on what happens next was interesting.

And if you have not read/watched the book/movie or I have rekindled your interest and you end up wanting to buy them, do use the links below:

To order the book and/or the movie, click on the links below:

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One interesting fact I found was that ‘Gone with the Wind’ is still at the top of the box office domestic market when adjusted for ticket price inflation –

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” — Maya Angelou

Poetry Corner

G is Grand: G is for Golden Shovel

This is a fairly new poetic form created by Terrence Hayes in honor of Gwendolyn Brooks on her centenary year. I have enjoyed writing using this form a couple of times already, here and here.

The rules for writing this poem are:

  • Pick a poem you love/admire/enjoy and select a line(or more) from that poem (Note: 
  • Use each and every word from the selected line(s) in order, as the end word for lines in your poem
  • Link back to the original poem (where you can) and credit the poet
  • While your poem does not need to have the same tone/subject as the original poem, you could always attempt that in honor of the original poem if you wish.
  • Given that this uses words from another poem, this form is unrhymed and does not have any rules of meter

Here is my attempt at the Golden Shovel today. I have previously attempted it here and here also on my blog. 

I am using the following line(s) from the poem ‘I Never Saw’ by Lilian Moore

I said
I never did.
I didn’t say
I never may.

My Golden Shovel poem (untitled as of now)

She started her tale as always, with – ‘I
was a handful, my mama said.
I climbed up trees, scraped knees, I
was always up to something; never
gave her a moment’s peace; I did
however cherish her, always told her – I
love you. And oh my, didn’t
that tear her up and make her say
“My darling girl, my own heart, I
Love you too. And will never
Stop loving you, come what may.”‘
Vidya (ladyinread)

QA Corner

G is Grand: G is for Gorilla Testing

A gorilla, testing?

What is a gorilla doing here? In the world of software testing? There is also Monkey Testing, which is well, kind of how you would expect a monkey to test. But gorilla testing – the definition reminds me of an ad I saw for Corning’s Gorilla Glass (for phones) some years ago. A pair of gorilla cubs are playing with a phone and it gets (mis)used a bit in their horseplay but stands the tests of …. , again and again.

That is exactly what Gorilla testing is actually. It involves testing the functionality of a specific feature/module/component repeatedly and extensively using a wide range of valid and invalid inputs to ensure it is as bug free as possible.

Wrapping up the G post

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

What are your comments or questions about the G post? I would love to hear from you. Check out previous posts in this challenge using the links below.

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  1. Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite book and movie as well. It is one of those few books that stayed good even after rereading it thrice. I will have to check out the others.

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