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My 2021 Bookish Goals

Today’s theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl for TopTenTuesday is resolutions and goals for 2021. Since it can be bookish, or not, and since I already have a 2021 resolution post (which includes a general reading/writing goal), I decided to focus on the bookish/reading/posting parts and make the goals more specific using this post.

My 2021 Bookish Goals

I did not really include a goal for the number of books I want to read, because I do manage to read many books (last year I read around 200 just for the Cybils Awards reading mid Oct – Dec; granted half of them were elementary level books but since I know I read enough, I have to focus on the other …)


Use spreadsheets to track and Kal @ Reader Voracious has this super-duper template is perfect!!

Reading Challenges

Seriously work on my reading challenges this year (And also the others). And not add any more challenges (I added three just before I decided on this specific resolution!!)


Not request any additional ARCs from NetGalley or Edelweiss or elsewhere until I get my tremendously huge backlog on those reduced by half; and increase my feedback ratio up to the recommended 80% by the end of the year. (I seriously hope I can succeed at this one. My precious….)

My own books

Read at least 12 unread books (fiction/nonfiction) from my bookshelves.

Bookish Blog Posts

Plan on 2 to 3 bookish blog posts each week (reviews/lists/etc). I have done this for most of 2020 and just need to stick to it.

Pinterest and Instagram

Become a more active bookstagrammer than I am currently. Learn how to take better photographs for the same, as well as use better hashtags. Post to Pinterest more regularly as well. (3 times a week for each)


Interact with others about books more often (via blog comments, IG/Pinterest/Twitter, in person!). If time and — more importantly — circumstances permit, visit bookstores (those ones I have discovered locally and those yet to discover) and bookish places.

My 2021 Bookish Goals

And Now, the End of This Post

So what are your bookish goals, even if you do not blog about books or share them via social media? Your plans for reading and/or writing them?

19 thoughts on “My 2021 Bookish Goals

  1. Good luck with your challenges! I use a spreadsheet to track my reading and it helps a lot. This year I’m also going to use One Note to organize my posts. I didn’t think about ARCs but like you I want to get more organized about those too. Happy 2021!

  2. These look like great resolutions. My plan is to listen to new books for as many days as possible, be active on my blog and more active in the blogging community. On a less related issue, I plan to try out some of the quilling projects that I have in my quilling books. (which may become a post.)

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