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Sunday Scribblings #27: Settling in For a Bit

Looks like we are settling in for a bit now (hopefully not too long a haul, but whatever it takes for us to emerge in a safer, better world). And it is wonderful to see the many ways people are getting used to the new normal. What are your favorite ways? I shared some of them in a post last week here.

And today, since it has been a while since I wrote a Sunday Scribblings post, I decided it was high time I wrote one. These past few Scribblings included a poetic form along with a recap and look forward for the weeks past and ahead. So I will do the same here.

sunday scribblings


As I mentioned in a post last week, I have a lot of catching up to do on my goals set for the year. On the other hand, I have accomplished a bit too.

As part of a fiction writing class I took this winter quarter at a local community college, I tried my hand (finally) at writing short(er) stories. And I enjoyed it. Now I believe I can write that book I always wanted to!

I also tool a Microeconomics class (why, you wonder? no particular reason except it was interesting) and learned a lot. I enjoyed being a student in a classroom (the fiction class was online) and being part of the student community!

And for the last few weeks, as well as for the upcoming weeks as we stay home, I plan to write more, organize my books and my closet and my kitchen, read more, create more, and hopefully exercise more (zumba/yoga are my regimen plan if I can’t step outside to walk).

We are definitely learning new skills too. I cut my daughter’s hair this week. My teen had been asking to get her hair trimmed but I feared making a mess of it, and then realized it does not matter either way. The ‘just do it’ makes more sense now since I did it, and it turned out perfect in the end!

Poetic Sundays

The Kenning

So, the kenning is actually a literary device derived from Norse and Anglo-Saxon poetry. It is defined as a two-word phrase describing an object through metaphors.

What is the kenning poem and how to write it?

The kenning poem describes an object/subject using these two-word metaphors. It can be a list of these two-word phrases or a poem including these phrases without actually mentioning the actual object/subject itself.

Many kenning poems are riddles or puzzles where the reader has to guess the object or subject being described through the kennings.

The kenning is also described as a “compressed metaphor” which means meanings illustrated in a few words. For example, a two-word phrase “whale-road” represents the sea.

So the kenning’s features are

A poem or literary piece can be considered as a kenning if it has the following features:

  • It is used to describe a familiar object (or subject) in detail using kennings and without using its name.
  • It can be a list poem – a list of kennings depicting the object/subject; or it can be a regular poem of any form using kennings within to describe an object/subject.
  • The poem can have any structure/rhyme scheme/form
  • Sometimes a kenning can take the form of a puzzle or riddle poem. 

My Example Kenning

I am working on this and I feel my current tries are not yet post-worthy! But oh well, here is my first attempt:


Sure is a family-bonder
Making our family-fonder(?:-))
Also a creativity-enhancer
While making me a zumba-dancer
Seems is a flour-emptier
& hopefully a world-healthier


I also realized that Laura Purdie Salas’ book series, which include Water Can Be among others do make the use of the kenning. Laura describes water with a list of words throughout – like thirst-quencher and kid-drencher!


Last Week

On My Blog

I embarked on a journey without preparation. But isn’t that what we are all doing currently? And I am taking it day by day.

My Most Recent Posts

The books reviewed this last week (from A to D). You can check my reviews of the books using the links above and get the book for yourself using IndieBound by clicking on the book covers below.

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Loved this post from Heidi at the Caffeinated Bibliophile on how to add coffee to your photos 🙂

and here were some celebrations that I failed to note during the week



This is one challenge I have been able to keep up with. Sorry – DealMeIn Short Story Challenge and Blog Audit challenge (I will catch up soon, I promise)

Here are a few photos I posted last week on my insta feed.


On My Blog

Of course, I will be continuing with the A to Z Challenge and the UBC this week. I hope to engage and interact more with the bloggers in these communities as well as other FB groups.


a list of celebrations that are coming this week. I have included a few that I know I will enjoy celebrating.

And we are celebrating these(among others) for the month. Some of them seem perfect for now

Wrapping up my Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, this was it for my Sunday Scribblings. I would love to hear your comments on my post and if you had any favorite from the posts this week. And which of these days do you plan to celebrate (or any other)?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #27: Settling in For a Bit

  1. I remember doing poetry in high school. I remember having one I really liked, but I’m not sure what happened to it now. Poetry wasn’t my favorite, I was more into creative writing.

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