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My Ultimate A to Z Blog Challenge

Another year, another April Fool’s Day where I find myself wondering – Why am I doing this again? (The ‘this’ does not refer to signing up for My Ultimate A to Z Blog Challenge, or the Ultimate Blog Challenge or the April A to Z Challenge, but the fact that I reach this date without a single prepared post!! Well, at least I am consistent that way. Let it not be said that I am inconsistent. :))

So, here I am, with a vague idea of a theme – book reviews and other things bookish, because of course, I mostly talk about books on my niche-less blog. But as I ponder some more the night before Fool’s Day, I wonder, can I make it something ‘extra’?

This is my nth(?) time participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) and my fourth time in the April A to Z Challenge. My previous themes for the A to Z were as below:

My Ultimate A to Z Blog Challenge

My Bookish Theme (Mostly)

My theme will include the following:(hopefully on most days!)

  • A book review (or book reviews)
  • Photo of a stack of books from my bookshelves – titles starting with the letter of the day. I though to myself – this is the perfect time to actually catalog the books I have collected over the years. While this might still not be a complete set of books, it is a glimpse of my eclectic reading habits! And I also end up getting a (almost)complete list. I might end up donating a bunch when all this is done, but at least I know what I have.
  • And if (and where) possible, a one-sentence review of each of the books in the stack, or if I have reviewed/talked about it earlier, a link back to that.
  • A random fact (fun, uplifting, inspiring, or.. – you get the gist)

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear readers, I look forward to interacting with many of you over the course of these challenges and even longer. For those of you playing along with me in the UBC and the A to Z Challenge, good luck and see you all through to the finish line!

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