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Things Bibliophiles Do When Someone Says They “Hate” Reading

This week’s topic over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl for Top Ten Tuesday is “Books I Would Hand to Someone Who Claims to Not Like Reading”. Since I have done a post like this one before (or maybe more than one) here, I decided to take a different angle to this theme, a fun twist to it kind of and instead mention the things bibliophiles do (or might do, most likely) when someone says they don’t like to read.

Things Bibliophiles Do When Someone Says They “Hate” Reading

This post is all in fun!! While I admit to finding it difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that some don’t like reading (definitely more so if I consider how much I love reading), I also know that others might find it difficult to understand that I don’t care much for something else (like fashion, for one!!). And contrary to what I mention below, I might or might not do all these things, depending on who I am interacting with!!! But I do love to gift books – they are among my favorite things to gift 🙂

When someone tells me, or any bibliophile, they don’t like to read, here is what I (or I think we bibliophiles might) do…

Gasp in disbelief,

and say (or think loud), “What? Really!! How?” and so on

Even when it is a close friend we know who doesn’t enjoy reading, we still have to gasp in disbelief each time they say that; because as readers ourselves, hope shines eternal that others will see the magic of books like we do


Dig for details

and ask them more about why they don’t like reading. What was the last book they tried to read? Did they really attempt at all? Maybe the timing wasn’t right or they were not in the right mood?

Start recommending books

because we know them, and think we might know what books might appeal to them. While it might be true of family and friends we have known forever, sometimes we decide the same of those we just met and chatted casually for a few minutes — regarding what books they might enjoy, that is!!


Loan books to them

We might not loan them our favorites (My precious!!!) but we have multiple copies of so many books that we got from sales and used book stores just because and this is perfect. Plus, if the book never makes its way back to us, hopefully they are actually reading it, and that is good!!


And discuss those books

with them.

(As for me, I am not a book club person. I know, I know.. somehow I have never been able to do that. I talk about books and discuss books I have read with others but can never seem to do so in something that is a bit more structured like a book club)

But since we have recommended and loaned books to them, we now want to know what they think of the book (fingers crossed).

Gift them books or bookish things

Rest assured we will be buying them books as gifts (at least some of the future gifts!) Of course we will try to make sure that the books are something that they might enjoy. We even pick some audiobooks for listening while they are out and about!

Have a book-vs-movie challenge with them

We will suggest that the next movie we watch be one based on a book, but let them know that they should read the book first. We book aficionados know that the book is always better, but others might need convincing!! So get the book in their hands first and have them read it (for we have read it already, but don’t mind reading it again with them for company).

Next, watch the movie together so we can sneakily discuss the book, and then, maybe, just maybe, they agree that the book is better!!


Suggest future trips or outings around books

We suggest bookish locations to visit or tours (when they ask for suggestions) or even on the next outing we have together. It can be that really wonderful used bookstore downtown, or even the library two towns over because it has really cool vibe, and a great coffee place next door!!


Make them a pro/con list.. Well, it is only a pro/pro list

If all of this doesn’t somehow work, we make them (if we have not already done so) a list of all the benefits that come with books. Whole new worlds, always something to do, no reason to get bored, always something to learn, smile about, cry over, etc etc etc.


Point out all those people they know and maybe admire who love to read. If they enjoy Gilmore Girls, print out the Rory Gilmore (or Jess’s) reading list for them. Or nudge them towards Emma Watson’s or Bill Gates’ book suggestions.

And if it still doesn’t help, we don’t stop sharing our love of books with them!

When all else fails, we sneak in talk about the latest books we have loved; and keep talking about our love of reading. And keep at it anytime we can in all future conversations with them!!

That’s it for my list of things I think we bibliophiles would do. What about you? What would you say to someone who claimed they don’t like to read? Let me know… Or if you are one of those someones who claim you don’t like to read, then ‘gasp!!…:-)’ and all the rest of the list is sure to follow. I do have lists of books I would suggest in the next section below!!

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Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, as always, welcome your thoughts on this post. And any suggestions, recommendations, etcs as well!!

16 thoughts on “Things Bibliophiles Do When Someone Says They “Hate” Reading

  1. I always feel a twinge of sadness when someone tells me they don’t like reading because I think of all of the places they haven’t gone and they are really missing out.

    Great post, I can relate to all of these things!

  2. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like reading – except maybe my brother. Growing up, I don’t remember seeing any books in his room. It was a bit strange. I think he only reads text books.

  3. Vidya, what a dynamic romp of a post! I once had a boyfriend who said he didn’t read (anything). He said, well, at some point in life he had just read enough for his lifetime. He was 50-something at the time. I was speechless! It didn’t occur to me to argue with him, as I was so shocked. A lot of my closest friends belong to book clubs, so I don’t need to argue with them. In your recommended techniques, the book-vs-movie idea really resonates for me. I like to read the book first and then see the movie. With Harry Potter, I never got around to seeing most of the movies; from reading the novels, the action was very vivid in my head. I am so glad you like books! Thanks for a great post.

  4. I think I would say or do quite a few of these things! If I knew them well. But I think when I have heard people say it that I didn’t know well, I usually just say that they haven’t “met the right book yet,” or something similar, LOL.

  5. I have caused people to read books set in bookstores but now you’re sending me to more! Weeeeeee!!!!

    I like doing the book vs movie challenge with (mostly) non-reader friends. As a writer (and reader) I enjoy storytelling in general and am fascinated to see how the filmmaker makes choices differently… especially of interest to me in the recent past was “Little Fires Everywhere.” I was obsessed with that book and the movie/hulu miniseries interpretation which Celeste Ng appreciated. Very cool to read the articles and interviews of Ng and also the people involved in the film production.

  6. I guess I’m just resigned to having nonreader friends, lol. I don’t try to change them. We just talk about the movie. But they know secretly I’m comparing it to the book.

    I tried a book club, but when they said, “If you’ve watched the movie, that counts,” I knew it wasn’t for me.

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