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Wonderful Favors of Home and Book Series Set in a School

So I have previously done top ten lists similar to or close to last week’s top ten theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl; the one about ‘completed series I wish had more books,’ -‘Characters I’d Love An Update On‘ and ‘10 Characters That Deserve More, ….‘ While I know there are a few series I read that I would love the author to continue, I decided to take a detour and twist it a bit to combine it this week’s theme of a school freebie. So here I am, listing beloved book series set in a school. Some of them from when I was a girl growing up in India, for I am in nostalgia mode having just returned from India a few days ago. And hence a listing of wonderful favors of home too, aka, snacks that make it into my luggage each time I am getting back here from India!

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Cool School Book Series!

The Ones I (or my Kids) Read and Loved

Sticking to series and definitely not planning to include stand-alones here (because, well, then I can’t stop writing this post!)

  1. The Naughtiest Girl series by Enid Blyton. I talk about books by Blyton many times over in my blog, including this series. Looking back, I realize that character development is big in this series.
  2. Junie B. Jones series. I started this series only when I got them for my own kids, and fell in love with the characters and their stories. While I have never reviewed them, I heartily recommend them.
  3. Anne of Green Gables. Of course I adore Anne! How could anyone not? And while I do not recall when I first happened upon these books, I am glad I did. And I also loved reading a graphic novel version of the first book in the series. Looking forward for more of them as well.
  4. Harry Potter series. Well, of course!! Not sure what else to add here but suffice to say that I am glad for them. I am eager to read the Jim Kay illustrated editions and look forward to hearing recommendations for this edition and any others from readers who have checked those out.
  5. Mysterious Benedict Society series. I cannot pinpoint what I loved most about this series but it is a wonderful mix of so many things that I enjoy.
  6. Wayside School series. These books are, to say it simply, delightful!! I end up smiling the whole time through and for a while after, each time I pick up any of the books in the series.
  7. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: Mythology, a magic school, modern day settings, and .. well, what more could I ask for? So glad Riordan made it a series & gave us more similar reads too!! A delight to read for all ages!
  8. Wolves of No World series. I devoured this series (my review for book one is here and my post on the second here) and can’t wait for when Garber will write the next one (hopefully)
  9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well, I have not read the full series myself, but a few at least, and I know my son devoured these.
  10. Many more (Amelia Bedelia, Judy Moody, Big Nate, The Magic School Bus, and …..)

The Ones I Still Need/Want to Read

  1. St. Claire series (I think I have read some of one of this or the belwo series but can’t recall now)
  2. Malory Towers
  3. Shadow and Bone
  4. Tiny Pretty Things (has an upcoming sequel)
  5. Winger by Andrew Smith
  6. Ivy and Bean series (I think I started off with book 1 but somehow never finished it – most likely time)
  7. The Poppy War trilogy
  8. Wayward Children Series
  9. How I Survived Middle School
  10. and so many others

Pin Me

Book Series Set in a School

Wonderful Favors of Home

  1. Anything Moms Make
  2. Subbamma Stores, now known as Srinivasa Condiment Stores, but still referred to by its original name. From here, we get many items, including spiced peanuts, or Congress kadale as it is popularly known by in Bangalore (Bengaluru), kodubale, nippatu, chikki, chutney podis, and more.
  3. Sweet sounphu and couple other items from Highland Traders on DVG Road
  4. Dharwad peda / and a variety of burfis – from Asha Sweets this time around (thankfully, they have a branch right in Gandhi Bazaar now) (earlier from other sweet stores)
  5. Poli or holige of at least one variety – depending on time we have, either from one of those holige stores which we love, or from Subbamma stores itself
  6. Rusk and couple other such items from Rajeshwari stores in Gandhi Bazaar
  7. Adyar Ananda Bhavan snacks and sweets; our favorites from here being the mixture, seedai, and pavakkai chips
  8. Indian biscuits galore (Top/Krackjack/Bourboun/Parle G/Britannia Marie/etcs)
  9. Grand Sweets and Snacks items, including a few thokku and ready mixes for rasam and kuzhambu. For those who are looking for it while in namma Bengaluru, look no further than Malleswaram – at Kolla stores. You can also order via Whatsapp and get it delivered. We took the Metro to Malleswaram and walked the one kilometer to the store so we could shop there directly!
  10. New discoveries and other old favorites. A couple new discoveries this time! The first time – Mayura Bakery – where we purchased a couple of Indian style cookies (jeera cookies and coconut cookies). Another new discovery – Rajasthan Sweets – a store in Whitefield across my brother’s apartment complex. The ghatiya and their gondh laddu are amazing! As are other items we bought at both places while in India too.

Related Reads About Wonderful Favors of Home

And given that this post should have made its way out yesterday and didn’t because I got busy with celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi, here are a couple other reads related to that. While I didn’t cook up a storm, I did try to make a few delicacies for the festivities and handmade a turmeric Ganesha, pictured below

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Words I found in recent historical romance reads, for Wondrous Words Wednesday over at Elza Reads

  • pettifogging (adj) – placing undue emphasis on petty details
  • sybaritic (adj) – fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent

And Now, the End of This Post

So there you have it, a list of books/series that are to do with school in one way or another. And a whole list of “yummiliciousness” that finds its way into my luggage each time we return from India.; or as I termed it earlier, wonderful favors of home!

Dear reader, do let me know about those favors of home that you cherish and crave for; the books that take you back to school; and also, of course, your thoughts on any of the books and foods mentioned here today!

11 thoughts on “Wonderful Favors of Home and Book Series Set in a School

  1. I remember the Wayside School books when I was a kid! My kids are always looking for series to get into so I’m going to write some of these down.

  2. Happy to see many of my favorite books included in the list. Super love the Illustrated version of HP. I agree with you that Rick Riordan’s books is a delight to read for all ages:)

    I have been meaning to read Anne of Green Gables so I guess this is a sign that I should get a copy. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hi there Vidya!!

    I will have to write that one on pettiness down. I am going to use it soooo often!

    I also love your selection of books to be read in school. I recognize one or two, but not all. So am going to take a closer look.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking part in WWW!

  4. Yess, Anne of Green Gables is such a classic! Some of these series I have heard of but never read. I’ve been trying to get my niece and nephew (gr. 2 and 1 respectively) to get into reading. I will have to try reading some of these books to them to garner interest. Great post. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog 🙂

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