World of Words Wednesday – Memes, Reviews, Challenges, et al – part one

For ABC Wednesday – letter R – love this letter 🙂
This is part one of my Wednesday post – a book Review which was long pending. I completed reading the Immortals of Meluha sometime back and finally got around to reviewing it today. There is one other review which is so overdue, I am red-faced with shame just thinking about it. I did a quick search on my blog hoping I had already reviewed it but instead just found this reference to it in my post on May 9th of this year(the latest one, that is):
Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan (review coming tomorrow)  
(oops! tomorrow was May 10th 2012 – many yesterdays ago now!)
Well, this review will be there on my blog soon, it might mean, putting a rush-order to myself for this review, but hey, I am a relaxed sort of a person, totally unwilling to be rushed, so we will see …
ABC Wednesday continues at the end of this post..
Here is my review of ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. 
The Immortals of Meluha – This book captured my interest mainly
because of the concept and it is the concept that continues to inspire me as I
read book two of this trilogy. I do not consider myself an atheist but a very logical person and there
are some thoughts I have which might sound a little ‘atheistic’ like the one below –
What if many of the gods we worship – the ones whom we
believe had a human form eons ago – were actually such great human beings that
people of that time revered them for their great acts and writers of that age
wrote stories of them being so – which translated many centuries later – to their
status as gods themselves? Today’s great humans may well achieve a similar
status if the information that we have today of them as humans (on the tech
media and elsewhere) somehow got wiped out and it was only word of mouth that
their greatness passed on to our next generations.
And when I saw this concept being voiced by Amish in the
Immortals of Meluha, I was immediately attracted to reading it. 
This book tells
the story of Shiva – a warrior prophesied to save the Meluhans kingdom – a reluctant
one though, and with his faults and weaknesses. 
He has to deal with his sudden rise to fame, his falling in love, and
his own inner struggles as he strives to undertand the almost perfect Meluhans
and the Chandravanshis whom the Meluhans (Suryavanshis) believe are the root
cause of their troubles. The book leads us through this journey pretty well.
What I loved about the book
  • The concept
  • The parallels between
    history and mythology/god and human
  • Logical explanations for
    everything Shiva (including Nandi, his outfit, and his weapon, the
    Trishul) – I love logic
  • Some of the quotes from
    this book:
    • “His
      burden didn’t feel any lighter. but he felt strong enough to carry it”
    • “Har Har Mahadev – All of
      us are Mahadev.”
What would have made me love this book awesomely – if the
book used a lesser amount of swear words.
If you can look past the use of these words and totally love
the concept like I did, you will enjoy this book!
Rating: B (the concept gets an A+ and I am reading the
sequel but the language/writing made me reduce the rating to a B)
Continuing for ABC Wednesday, R is also for
Revolution‘ – a TV show I got hooked onto recently – it is a recent
show as well – and I am totally enjoying it. Again, the concept captured
my interest. Here is the opening introduction of the show taken from wikipedia:

Opening Introduction:

lived in an electric world. We relied on it for everything. And then the
power went out. Everything stopped working. We weren’t prepared. Fear
and confusion led to panic. The lucky ones made it out of the cities.
The government collapsed. Militias took over, controlling the food
supply and stockpiling weapons. We still don’t know why the power went
out. But we’re hopeful someone will come and light the way

R is also for Reading Challenges and I hope to make a dent in the same in part two of the Wednesday post which will be posted sometime later today. Reading Challenges, as I realize now, do not just involve reading, but actually reviewing, and sometimes more about the book.


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  1. I laughed at your "review coming tomorrow" quote, I think most bloggers whatever they thought they were going to do tomorrow and didn't can relate to that. Great R post.
    Joy – ABC

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