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Zip and Zin to the Zenith!

Today’s form is the Zip, another haiku variant; and the book is all musical, as you Zin Zin Zin to the violin and a whole orchestra too! Seems pretty apt to feature it on the 30th of April, which is International Jazz Day. Having reached the end of this 30 day A to Z challenge, it feels like I have reached the zenith, that highest point, right?

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The Zip Poetic Form

The zip is another haiku variant, one of many. I have already presented a few variants and forms inspired by the haiku on my blog, including the ukiah and the xiaoshi most recently.

So What is the Zip?

The zip form was developed by John Carley. This form has 15 syllables just like the haiku. But unlike the haiku, the zip only has two lines with no specific syllable count for each of the two. Each line contains one internal caesura represented by a double space. Also, there is no seasonal theme, which means the zip can be about anything.

The Zip’s Characteristics

So the zip’s elements are that, at its most basic, it is:

  • a two line poem (again, nothing says it cannot be a series of zips)
  • syllabic: 15 syllables over two lines
  • with an internal caesura represented by a double space splitting each of the two lines
  • titled or untitled: there is no specification anywhere regarding a title, so I am guessing this could be up to the poet

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My Zip Series for the NaPoWriMo prompt

NaPoWriMo’s Day 30 prompt is to write a cento. This is a poem that is made up of lines taken from other poems. While I already did write one for day 4 (which was the letter C, and hence the cento poetic form), I decided to make this a twofer post — a cento zip, or a zip cento — however you chose to call it. And I am keeping it short, with each half of each zip line made up of of words/phrases/lines from poems I read in books featured this past month on my blog, and one from earlier.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
The List of Original Poems for the Cento

Note that the links for the books will take you to my Instagram posts for each book. For reaching these within my blog, you can simply click on the starting letter of the title in links at the end of this post.

  1. I’m a dancer –> Douglas Florian (UnBeelievables)
  2. buoyant with hope –> Reem Faruqi (UnSettled)
  3. I crave art –> Bob Raczka (Lemonade)
  4. in my moments –> Jane Hirschfield (I Would Like) –> from The Path to Kindness book
  5. Did you know –> Dennis Canfield (There’s an N on Your Nose)
  6. it’s you I like —> Fred Rogers (It’s You I Like)
  7. I hear you laughing –> Shel Silverstein (Years From Now) –> from Every Thing On It
  8. and I sing –> Amanda Gorman (Change Sings)

Pin Me

two zips criss-crossing each other - one blue and one red on white background. pin title says : poetic forms: z is for the zip
Photo by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash

The Books

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!

Title: Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!
Author: Lloyd Moss
Illustrator: Marjorie Priceman
Publishers: Aladdin; Reprint edition (May 1, 2000)
Genre: Children’s Music Books/Poetry  (3 – 8 years, and up)
Source: Library

Written in elegant and rhythmic verse and illustrated with playful and flowing artwork, this unique counting book, a Caldecott Honor winner, is the perfect introduction to musical groups. Readers of all ages are sure to shout “Encore!” when they reach the final page of this joyous celebration of classical music.

Not only is this book full of rhythm and rhymes, it is also a cool counting book that takes young readers from one to ten; and as they learn these numbers, they also learn of one new instrument (and a little bit about the instrument as well) for each number, and like a cherry on top, also learn the word for each musical group of ‘x’ numbers (like solo, duo, trio, and so on and so forth!!).

The vibrant illustrations with details that will delight flow and move with the music perfectly, and take us into the concert halls with all its wondrous energy.

Get it here

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear readers, have you read the featured books? Or any similar reads? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. What do you think about the ya hoo form? Will you attempt it yourself?

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9 thoughts on “Zip and Zin to the Zenith!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your poems this month. You’ve been an inspiration to me and have helped motivate me to write poetry. I am starting to really love exploring language in this way. The imagery of poetry is so attractive to me. The way that you present the poems in your blog posts is so wonderfully accessible and encouraging. So… thank you for that!!!

  2. Vidya, your creativity is beyond…well, beyond! Thank you for sharing all these poetry forms this month. I learned a lot! And congratulations on finishing the two or three challenges you did this month. Blessings!

  3. What an interesting opoc for the past 30 days! I never knew there were so many different styles of poems! Congratulations on another challenge under your belt!

  4. Your blog was like a poetry class to me in this challenge. Amused by how well u explained all and how many good books u suggested…u sure reached zenith with this zip. All the best
    …Congrats on completing a to z. From “The Pensive”

  5. Hey, Vidya! You are so creative! The way you present each type of poem is amazing. Definitely a work of art. I have yet to try writing poems again. Will definitely go back to this blog as a reference. Thank you for gracing the challenge with your talent!

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