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A Twofer One Post That is a Bit Revealing!

Drawing inspiration from the A to Z Challenge theme of duality, here is my theme for this year: twofers! While I was aware that this is March, and I will be participating in this challenge this year (stumbling along and playing catch up might eventually happen), I somehow forgot about the theme revealing part of it completely! But as per usual, better late than never and here is my theme reveal post, or rather a twofer one post that is a bit revealing….


What is a Twofer?

Of the few definitions for this word at Merriam-Webster, the following one serves my theme the best:

twofer (noun): something that satisfies two criteria or needs simultaneously

While my posts may end up feeling or looking like an absurd theatrical production that people will attend only when they get a twofer (a coupon entitling them to purchase two tickets for the price of one), I hope they will entertain you nonetheless!

So What is My Twofer About?

My twofer will be a poem + ‘something/one else.’ I will try to use either a poetic form or the name of the ‘something/one else’ starting with the letter of the day. Though I do hope to try to start both of them with the letter of the day to make it a true twofer.

Basically, my poem will describe or be related to the something/one else in one way or the other. For example, I wrote a recipe for a specific type of pulao in verse here. And this post has a poetic ode to one of my favorite reads in recent years, The Poet X.

A short verse
that talks about
something else.

A review maybe
or a mini-bio
Sometimes a recipe.

Acrostic about Amanda
For the letter A.
D gets a dream diamante.

So on and more of the same
from A to Z
26+ poems that I can claim.
~Vidya Tiru @LadyInReadWrites

And though each post itself will be a twofer, it will serve way more than a dual purpose as far as challenges go! The A2Z posts will go towards the A to Z Challenge, the BlogchatterA2Z 2022 challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge, as well as NaPoWriMo. I hope to finish writing at least half the posts beforehand (haven’t started yet but…a girl can always dream, right?) so that I can spend time reading other posts too.

My Previous Theme Reveal Posts

A Twofer One Post That is a Bit Revealing!

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, are you planning to join any of these challenges? If yes, which ones

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