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2020 Reading Challenges – Join the Fun!

This is another of those things that I excitedly overdo at the beginning and then I don’t take them to completion. I have had successes for some reading challenges in the past however, so I am going to try again this year. But will stick to just three (well, four) for my 2020 reading challenges, which kind of fits in with the prompt for the UBC prompt for day 4 of this current challenge – the number four!

While I do read a lot and do try to read a variety of books, I also realize I need to consciously read better and read diverse. So making a list and working towards completing reading challenges will hopefully help me in that reading goal.

My 2020 Reading Challenges

2020 Reading Challenges - Join the Fun

The AtoZ Reading Challenge and the the AtoZ Picture Book Challenge (because I anyway read so many of them) hosted by Ginger Mom and Company. I love reading their posts and I had been meaning to join this challenge last year so here I am.

2020 Reading Challenges
Join the Fun

The Deal Me In Short Story Challenge hosted by Jay over at Bibliophilica that I have been diligently joining and starting every year for the past few years now but … Anyhoo, this year will see me get to the end, I promise.

The 2020 Reading Challenge hosted by the inspirational Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs.Darcy.

The Books

As always, I will post the reviews for the books I read on my blog. I hope to work through my TBR first during this exercise but then there are also those books that catch my attention. The list itself will be updated here.

And The End of this Post

I have spent the first few days of this year with posts similar to this, and starting tomorrow, it will be reviews and articles and other such. So look forward to discovering books old and new, visit places, and more.

Dear reader, are you joining in any challenges this year, reading or otherwise? Do let me know. And if you are thinking about reading challenges, pick any one of these or check out the many lists of reading challenges – one that I check for reading challenges is over at GirlXOXO. While you may not complete them, you will be somewhere ahead of nothing at all once you start, and it is a fun journey, a journey of discovery and learning, a journey that will always lead you to a better place, so get started!

And if you want to check out the previous posts for this UBC, they are below:

20 thoughts on “2020 Reading Challenges – Join the Fun!

  1. Gosh you sure are busy reading! I use to read daily but seems like my busy life had to drop something. I am happy to say now that Lia is interested in books, I enjoy reading to her (even though they are mostly children’s picture story books. But when she gets older, hopefully she will continue to enjoy reading.

  2. Hello Lady in Red!

    Sounds so fun! I especially like the idea of going back and reading a classic book.

    We have to make time to do things like this, just for fun! A challenge gives us incentive! Good luck! ANNE Z

  3. You should join the Goodreads challenge too. It is just a commitment to how many books you plan to read this year. I am keeping it real and going for 20 books, but I’m hoping to exceed it. If you are on Goodreads, let’s connect! Thanks for the links to other challenges. I’m considering doing the one by Mrs. Modern Darcy – I’m already in the middle of a debut novel right now. Happy reading!

    1. Hi Elisa, I will connect with you on Goodreads.. and sure, why not? I will add a count of books and join the goodreads one too. based on the fact that i am doing two a to zs, need 52 (the rest can overlap anyways!)

  4. I do read alot but I don’t do reading challenges. The genre depends on my headspace. When I’m blue or anxious and can’t concentrate, I like murder mysteries. They grab and take me away. I do enjoy challenges. They give me structure. The first one I did was the 100 day challenge on Instagram. It got me back into art. I surprised myself!

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