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5 Habits Book Lovers Share (Or Have Become Better At!)

Book lovers around the world, while being their own person, also tend to share many common characteristics; personality traits (or quirks, like some might term them!) And we tend to develop habits over time (or are we born that way?). As time progresses, we get better and better at those as well. Since today is National Book Lover’s Day, the post is about such traits/skills/etcs; or…..

5 Habits Book Lovers Share (Most Likely)

That Amazing Focus!

Get in (and stay in) the reading zone, no matter where or when or what is around them. If only I could apply that focus to other aspects of my life, like exercise!!! Well, if wishes were horses or when pigs fly, and other such..

But coming back to the focus, we book lovers can get into the book and disappear there (if we could really, we would too and often) and pay no attention to things around us.

As a young girl, one of my favorite reading spots in my home was the living room sofa; and as I read, neighbors would visit, have a cup of tea or coffee, and a chat with my mom (and me as well but more than that in a minute). Later in the day, my mom would comment on the visit. Me: Really? When did that aunty come home? My mom: You were right here, dear; and you even had a whole mini-conversation with her. Me: Did I? What did I talk to her about????

Anyways, I have missed my train stops; missed meals; and so much more because I was reading. But it was all for a good cause – that wonderful world of words I was lost in at the time!! Don’t you agree??

Excel at pulling all-nighters

Sleep deprivation exists only in dreams for us at times. Well, we don’t dream about it at all since we are pulling all-nighters with ease. I sometimes marvel at how I am awake at otherwise ungodly hours (say you had asked me to do something else other than read instead)


Creative Solutions

We book-lovers tend to get more creative in some avenues of life; like figuring out storage space for the new hoard of books that we acquired. I know I have books in my closet. And I thinking doing a Marie Kondo on my clothes is perfectly fine with me as long as I can make more space for ‘my precious.’

And what about getting inventive with excuses for staying in so we can read?! Don’t get me started on that. And then again, I cannot really recall each one as most are spur-of-the-moment ones!


All Our Travel Plans (Even With Others) Have a Bookish Element to Them

I am glad I am usually the person in charge of the nitty-gritties of our trips. When the kids were younger, I researched our destination thoroughly and came up with our itinerary, down to the details. And I always ensured that there was something bookish as part of that schedule. Maybe a local library, a hole-in-the-wall bookshop, the birthplace of an author, or well, so many other options.

Now the kids are teens, and each of us picks at least one attraction from our destination. And I then put them together logically. So I try to sneak in those bookish ones somehow. Like this spot in San Francisco from a previous trip..

Near the famous City Lights bookstore – Language of the Birds sculpture – San Francisco

Multitask (Well, More like Multiread)

Well, not all book lovers might read many books at one time; but I am sure most (or all) have thoughts of many other books on their mind while reading that one book (if they are a one-book-at-a-time reader). As for me, I tend to read more than one and manage to juggle those multiple storylines somehow. Though I must admit that sometimes my dreams (when I am not in all-nighter mode) tend to be a cool new jumbled storyline of all I am reading and doing.

A quick tip: reading across genres and age-groups helps. For example, my current reads include:

  • A Quick History of Money (nonfiction for the young ones)
  • Shakespeare’s Stories (fiction for young readers – and it is short stories – Shakespeare condensed for younger audiences)
  • The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende (memoir)
  • The world’s most pointless animals (another nonfiction for the young ones)
  • The Girl Behind the Wall (Historical fiction)
  • Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares (middle-grade fantasy)


The Ability to Zero in on Books and Things Bookish

Is it an uncanny ability to have? That book lovers seem to be able to sniff out books and things bookish wherever we go? My eyes automatically land on the bookshelf in any room I enter (that has it) or that lone book lying forgotten in the corner. It might be an old familiar friend’s home or a place I am entering for the first time ever but my senses are tuned to books (and other bookish things – like a poster remotely related to a book – maybe a bookish quote, or an author referenced somehow!). Or maybe one of those thingamajigs that come along with a popular book.

A book in a case in a library…. well, this one is at the Getty Museum in LA…

This skill does help during those travels when somehow I could not squeeze in any bookish stop but our routes take us along something and I sense it!! And it helps when I am looking for gifts as well..

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what about you? Are you a book lover? If yes, which of these habits are part of you? Have you read any of the listed books? Any thoughts on them? And any other reading habits/quirks you have? I would love to hear from you..

7 thoughts on “5 Habits Book Lovers Share (Or Have Become Better At!)

  1. What a great post. I can confirm all about from the all-nighters, but I think it’s an age thing as I used to be able to read well into the early hours. Definitely the multi-reads. I do this all the time as long as they ae different genres.

  2. I had to look up “doing a Marie Kondo”. My wife is always reminding me to get rid of stuff. Most of my books have been purged and now the electronic ones do not take up as much room.
    Blog on !

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