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13 of the Best Fictional Trick or Treating Locations

This week’s Top Ten Theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl was Halloween freebie. So today’s post includes 13 (well, be glad I stopped at 13!) of the best fictional trick or treating locations – from the charming and 100%-wonderful to the ones guaranteed to give you the scares (maybe) as you go trick or treating this Halloween. Some are most likely nothing more than just stops on a trick or treating in the neighborhood while others will take you the whole evening.

Halloween and Me

As I traveled the literary world in the quest for cool fictional trick or treating locations, I came upon very many of them! Too many, in fact, once I got into the spirit.

Considering I knew of Halloween only through books or the screen until adulthood (when I moved to the US), I totally fell in love with two things about it pretty soon. One, the very obvious candy (well, at least the Almond Joys that went missing from my kiddos loot every year till the point they grew too old to do so); and two, the very cool and creative decorations some folks come up with.

I do not normally decorate my home for Halloween as I take a breather between two major Indian festival (Navratri and Deepavali). However, for a few years, I did put up some spooky stickers and lights. Now that the neighborhood has grown older, that is the kids have all aged out of Halloween and no new people have moved in, we don’t get trick or treaters. So we drive around to other neighborhoods to simply walk and enjoy the decor each year. The kids (well, teens) stay home!

Trick or Treat? You Decide… for each of these fictional trick or treating locations!

Instead of a list, here is a poll for you… and if you want to check out ideas for a few bookish places mentioned in the poll as one of the choices, simply pop over to this post I wrote earlier.

Neil Gaiman creates a spooky yet somehow warm world in Coraline, while Oscar Wilde does almost the same in The Canterville Ghost. Each of these stories lend an atmosphere that makes readers heartrates go up while simultaneously tugging at their heartstrings with sweetness! While I have not reviewed Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery or The Haunting of Hill House, they are both granted to give you the chills, don’t you agree?

And then there are plenty more as you go through this list, from Enid Blyton‘s magical Faraway Tree to the sinister island of Christie’s And Then There Were None to the charming Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls series (granted, it was TV show first, book series next, but I love the Gilmore Girls and that town, so….)

Pick your choice below and then open up the book to go trick-or-treating, literally literally, of course!!!

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Halloween decor - lit glass bottles with black Halloween themed paintings on them - in orange and black colors .. and the post title says 13 of the Best Fictional Trick or Treating Locations

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, so did you pick one from the poll above? Or add your own choice?

I know I have a few others popping up in my mind as I write this section of the post, like Avonlea, , the island in Shutter Island or Lord of the Flies, Malory Towers from Enid Blyton’s series, Narnia, Neverland or Nollop, etc etc…

8 thoughts on “13 of the Best Fictional Trick or Treating Locations

  1. The Hunting of Hill House is literally one of my favorites horror story and series as well. It totally gave me the chills for each episode. I wonder if their will be a second book again.

  2. I’m eating Almond Joys right now! I took the kid to a Sweet Street yesterday and promptly collected all her Almond Joys and Sour Patch Kids as “candy tax.” I’d love to trick-or-treat in a fictional world. Willy Wonka would probably have the best candy.

  3. So interesting! I love to immerse myself in different worlds with fiction, and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline setting really stood out for me when you described it as a “spooky” spot, I love that book. 🙂

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