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Explore Our Wondrous World, and (re)discover Avonlea

Today’s post features two books, one classic and one not, one fiction and the other non-fiction, one familiar and the other not-yet. Both are young reader (late elementary and middle grade) books but can and will easily be enjoyed by adult readers too. I did! So go ahead and explore our wondrous world, and (re)discover Avonlea.

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The Books:

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a book that is a pleasure to read anytime, anyday. Yesterday, I wrote about a list of things that make me(and most people too, I would guess) happy no matter how they are feeling. And my list is not complete yet.

Reading definitely is one thing that makes me happy, and reading old favorites brings that warm cozy remembered happiness. Anne of Green Gables is one of them.

Book Info:

Anne of Green Gables
by L. M. Montgomery
Sweet Cherry Publishing
Children’s Fiction , Literary Fiction
Pub Date 06 Sep 2018


Her name isn’t Cordelia, her hair isn’t black, and she has no parents. These are the tragical facts of Anne Shirley’s life until she comes to Green Gables and faces another: she’s a girl. 

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted a boy to help with the farm work but of all the things Anne can imagine, leaving Green Gables isn’t one of them. She’ll do anything to stay – talk less, pay more attention, control her temper. At least she’ll try to.

Part of the Anne of Green Gables Complete Collection by L. M. Montgomery. A tale of literature’s most famous redhead and her colourful imagination. An excellent introduction to classic literature and perfect for readers aged 9+.

My Thoughts:

Anne is hot-headed, brave, loyal, and with a limitless imagination. She is a friend I would love to have, and someone whose qualities I aspire to have (especially her courage and her imagination!)
The book is one of those that stands the test of time, and the characters are all endearing, real, and ones you could find in any Avonlea of today!

While this is a reprint of the classic version, the publishers do have the complete collection available as well. And really complete one at that! So you can check it out to gift to a young reader (or an adult too) who will enjoy reading about Anne and Avonlea.

You can read a previous ‘Anne’ related post on my blog here. And I promise, you will enjoy it too.

In Summary:

Read it, if you have not already. Reread it, otherwise. And get a copy to gift to that reader you know will love it.

Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World

Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World
by Ben Handicott
Quarto Publishing Group
Wide Eyed Editions
Children’s Nonfiction
Pub Date 02 Oct 2018


From the team behind the best-selling Atlas of Adventures comes this awe-inspiring journey of discovery. Travel around the world to scale the Eiffel Tower, trek the Great Wall of China, and raft through the Yosemite Valley. Showcasing the globe’s most impressive landscapes, iconic buildings and evocative antiquities from both the modern and ancient worlds, this is the most wonderful Atlas adventure yet!

My Thoughts:

While I love traveling, it is not always possible. That is why I love books that let us travel the world from the comfort of our homes for all those times we cannot travel.

This book opens the eyes of the reader to the wonder that is our world, by introducing us to its many wonders! It is organized by continents, including Antarctica.

Each continental chapter(!) begins with a map of the continent showing the countries and many natural and man-made wonders of the continent. This is followed by a few two-page spreads that go into detail about some of the key wonders pictured on the map.

Each two-page spread includes a brief description of the featured wonder and an astounding detailed illustration. You can find interesting bits and pieces of information scattered around the spread, like clues on a treasure hunt!

And there is a treasure hunt included! The very end of the book (before the index) is a ‘Can You Find?’ two-page spread with thumb-nail images of various wonders shown earlier in the book. So, off you go!

I loved that it includes everything from the very familiar and popular, like the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower to the not-so-familiar (at least to me) but equally amazing Hagia Sophia. We can travel from the very depths with a visit to the Mariana Trench to the top of the wondrous Ngorongoro crater.

In Summary:

This book is a wonder, indeed. A beautiful introduction to our amazing world, and one that will inspire readers, young and old, to travel, to learn more about these fascinating places, to get interested in history and geography.

An Aside:

The book reminded me of another wonderful book I read and reviewed a while back – Rivers – A Visual History from River to Sea. And like ‘Rivers’ this book is coffee-table worthy and a bigger book than usual – 11.5*15 inches, which is good because of all those detailed beautiful illustrations it has.

Rating: A
Reading Level: 8 years and above
Reread Level: 5/5

Disclaimer: Thanks to NetGalley and each publisher for the digital review copy of the books above. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way by the publishers or others for this review.

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32 thoughts on “Explore Our Wondrous World, and (re)discover Avonlea

  1. Oh wow, the Atlas of Adventures sounds wonderful. You know, we often think that we already have all the photos we need online. But there’s just something about getting to see a beautifully printed page spread. I would love to invest in a nice thick set for our coffee table. I’ll have to compare this one with others — thanks for sharing, Vidya!

  2. Anne is a favorite for many and Wonders of the World is one I know an older granddaughter will love. I just gave her Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for Christmas. You may want to see it, too. Thanks for the shares!

    1. Thank you, Linda:) Atlas Obscura one -I have seen that one as well and loved it with the brief perusal I gave it.. and I think I need to check it out in more detail and review that as well on my blog.

  3. I think these are great opinions for children, I think my nieces would love these books. Thank you for the notes and thoughts on them. I’m going to buy these as a gift for them!

  4. I was just researching some new books for my upper elementary child who is not a huge fan of reading. I think the Atlas will be a perfect start to engage some new things and up her reading. I love books and Anne of Green Gables is a top fan fav of mine! I definite must read. Thank you for your reviews and reccomendations!

  5. Anne of Green Gables is a childhood favorite of mine and I have since shared it with my daughter. I too read a lot of middle grade reads with my children and am always on the lookout for new reads.

  6. Great reviews, Ive been dying to read Anne of Green Gables series for a long time now but I never got the chance to check them out yet, hopfully one day I can read the whole Anne of Green Gables series. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  7. I read all of the Anne books when I was in my teens and early 20’s. She is exactly the kind of best friend I want to have! Have you seen the Netflix series based on the books? I enjoyed them, but they are definitely darker than the books.

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