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Gifts For the Super Hero Mom in Your Life

Today’s post includes a short gift life for the super hero mom in your life!

So I am a super-hero fan, especially for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe); but I love most super-hero movies (and the comics as well – that is where this love began). And I am in a superhero haze right now, having watched Captain Marvel a few weeks ago (late but not never) followed by The Endgame last week!!!!! So I was looking for items (while I was in this haze) I would most likely geek over – everyday items and not; and realized this would make a cool gift guide for others like me 🙂

Updated May 3, 2021: Today, I read a few articles about forthcoming MCU releases; and that definitely brought me loads of smiles.. I have a lot to look forward to!! And today’s NBA game also happens to be all about Marvel Heroes… While I normally don’t watch the games as much, my son is a HUGE Curry fan (and my DH is one too), today’s [May 3rd, 2021] Hero based theme has me watching the game as I make this update.

This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Please see the full disclosure for more information. I only recommend products I would (or have already) use myself.

Disclaimer here: While I normally have items that I have used (someone I trust used) and loved as part of these gift lists, this one is a wish-list!

Gifts for the Super Hero Mom

Can I call myself a nerdy fan of the movies? I am not sure what qualifies one to be so but I:

  • feel tempted to shush everyone when I watch the movies; person sitting near me: do you have eat the popcorn now?!
  • have to watch every single scene
  • will be the last one to leave the theater – end credits for the end credits!

Many of you might know a mom who is a super-hero geek; if not, you definitely know a mom who is a super-hero herself. Well, aren’t all moms super-heroes? Here are gifts for those moms!

A Mug

A mug for mom! Why? Because we can have never have enough of them, right?!!

Super Hero Apron

Captain Marvel Kitchen Apron – For the Marvelous kitchen hero!

Waffling Around

If Captain America is your favorite avenger, and you are a waffle loving family, then this Marvel MVA- 278 Captain America Waffle Maker is perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift 🙂 I know, I know.. and maybe you can make waffles for breakfast for mom…

Journal Time

Captain Marvel Journal: Fly Higher!: Do One Brave Thing Every Day I love collecting journals with the idea of writing in them; and I do but not as consistently or organized as I would like to. And this one looks marvelous!

Waffling Around Again!

Or if you want more of the Avengers, then the Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker might be the one for you! This one bakes 4 different waffles each imprinted with a different superhero icon..

A card and a tee

And if you are looking for bookish gifts, you can check out this post here. My post earlier talked about children’s books (across ages and moods) to gift for Mother’s Day. Take a look back into the history of Mother’s Day in my 2018 post for Mother’s Day.

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    1. I would love any or ALL of these. I love super hero movies .didn’t know half these things existed and now I want them all.

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