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Sunday Scribblings #13: Summers Are Bookish No Matter Where You Are

What I did learn over my week-long wooded sojourn is that summers are bookish no matter where you are. After all, it is what you make them to be anyways, right?

So while I did miss my posts as part of the daily challenge for the past couple of days, I am not attempting to play catch up this time around. I will skip past them with the adrenaline coursing through me from the walking in the woods.

Last Week

So here is what I did last week as well as the posts I did publish. I hiked – a lot – and did other Scout camp things as well. Totally enjoyed myself doing all of them too – a bit of rifle shooting, some archery practice, and star-gazing. It was a first time try for me at both archery and rifle shooting, and suffice to say, I will definitely be trying them again when I can!

Star-gazing out in the wilderness away from the lights of civilization is vastly different and way more of a sublime experience. As we listened to the call of bull-frogs, we gazed on the vastness of the Milky Way, on the ever-lovely moon; and came away more aware of our tiny imprint on the universe, and came away feeling rejuvenated.

Bookish Summer Moon
Image credit: Me 🙂

Moving on to my posts, here are last week’s posts:

And yes, Summers are Bookish! I did do a bit of reading amidst those over 45 miles of hiking (I know, I can’t believe it myself), and other activities… So what did I read? A bit of Perry Mason after a couple of decades and some more of ‘Why We Write’ and ‘Educated’ as well as a couple more

summers are bookish
Enjoying my Perry Mason (just smudged out the other readers – there were 3 of us reading Perry Masons at that time)

Coming Up Next

A couple of book reviews of books I read over the last week, more bookish lists and some bookish tips and treats…

A Little Bit of Randomness

Here are some upcoming National and World Days for this week that appealed to me the most:

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings

Here is wishing you a wonderful bookish time wherever you are..

What are your comments or questions about today’s post? I would love to hear from you. Check out previous posts in this challenge using the links below.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #13: Summers Are Bookish No Matter Where You Are

  1. I see that today is the National Give Something Away day. I didn’t give anything away today, but I am crocheting an afghan that I will give away when it is done. So… almost. I am especially excited about the World Emoji Day on Tuesday. I plan on sharing emojis galore to celebrate this magnificent holiday!

    1. Hi Alice, Give Something Day is on Monday (yes today already for me too and you still have many hours to give something away, but the afghan you are crocheting which I did get a glimpse of will be perfect whenever it is ready!) .. And World Emoji Day is Wednesday this week..

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