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Thursday Thoughts

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As we go about our busy days, doing all those things on our lists, we all tend to make more lists of things that we are reminded of while doing those items on our original list. Does that happen to you?

Random thoughts strike us, sometimes seemingly at the most inopportune moment, like driving or taking a shower, when we cannot actually note that thought down anywhere. Others might be more conveniently timed thoughts. I might find an interesting quote as I read a book or watch TV. But those thoughts somehow do end up in a list somewhere.

Like this one below:-

  1. While helping my kids with their school work, I am (re)learning a lot! And it is truly wonderful 🙂
  2. Watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, realized I have twice now tried to read her book. Somehow never did it because of various reasons – something else came up (not because of the book itself). Now I can binge-watch on Netflix to see her magical tidying tips!
  3. Read ‘Things I did not buy this week’ post on The Little Yellow Apartment, and promptly thought of three things I wish I had not bought this week instead. This includes a ramekin set that was on a post-Christmas sale at Michaels; but these are pretty and bright red! – the devil on my shoulder says; while the voice of reason says – you did not need more ramekins; but it was only $3 (boo hoo, it is only $2 today – so you can check it at the end of the post if you want these adorable on-lower-than-I-got-it sale now!) and for now silenced the voice of reason – aka my DH! )
  4. Realized that signing up for challenges is way easier than keeping up with them. I missed day 8 of the UBC already (the post earlier is for day 9!) and this one is for yesterday, day 10. So I am running behind on this one. And let us not talk about all the others I have signed up for. Including the one I am running on my blog – speaking of which, I would love to have you join me on this Continental Reading Challenge!
  5. The number of books I have unread on my bookshelf(ves) (and closets) at home can keep me busy reading for years. But I somehow end up with more books when I return from my trips to the library and to bookstores, as well on the world wide web. Does that happen to you?
  6. And that also reminds me of my abysmal NetGalley rate and how I do need to bring that up. But why is it that everytime I login to ‘Give Feedback’ on that huge number of books in my pending queue, I end up with a bigger number when I logout?
  7. My better me plan seems to be progressing well enough. a) reading better b) eating healthier thanks to meal planning and more c) ensuring I have at least 45 minutes of exercise each day (right now, with the weather keeping me away from walks, it means Zumba and Just Dance on the XBox One S at home!)
  8. On the flip side, I have to yet cut down on sweets. While DH and I gave up on sugar in our coffee and chai a couple of years ago now, dessert is still royalty for me!
  9. Another plan for the better me goal is picking among the wonderful hiking trails in our area – one every weekend at least (once the weather gets better). And climb every mountain there is, one by one. Will make a list of these soon..
  10. Two quotes I enjoyed this week and which seem a little similar, yet different from each other: From a historical romance novel by Valerie Bowman titled The Legendary Lord – “You must not allow life to happen to you.” and heard in the Netflix movie ‘The Princess Switch’ (but original attribution is Allen Saunders in a 1957 RD Quotable Quotes section later popularized by John Lennon in his song) – “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
  11. NPR definitely gives me some of the best recommendations for books to read, and stuff to watch. I am curious about and looking forward to watching the documentary ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’. This is produced and directed by Peter Jackson of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ fame. You can watch the trailer here
  12. Resistance/weight training is the in-thing for heart-health. I have seen it across the web on health websites and health blogs, as well over the radio and TV. And I am getting started on it – so I look forward to a healthier, happier heart!
  13. Learn about the surprising origins of Sudoku in this video

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25 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Yes thoughts cloud at inopportune moments. Straight write up from bottom of the heart…the book thingy is so true. I always end up getting more books. Wow read..keep writing…taking up challenges is easy but staying committed is still a challenge…wowie

  2. Oh Lawd! I guess I have to watch Marie Kondo to see that the fuss is about lol but I regularly purge my wardrobe so I’m good. I also have a library with about 5 unread books and in fact, there is a Japanese term for it called tsundoku – buying books you have no intention of reading. I do have the intention but so many things get in the way lol.

    1. I am a total tsundouist 🙂 too many of those in my library at home.. and while I realize I cannot really do all that Marie Kondo talks about, it is kind of a weird compulsion to watch to see those before and afters 🙂

  3. I think we learn twice, once for ourselves and then through our children’s eyes. I just read and loved The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs. We keep bringing more books into the house too … and thrift shop clothes!

  4. this is the most realistic post ive read… we always have this moments where random thoughts just came in knocking..making your mind busy,. ahhaha

  5. This week the Marie kondo fever is on fire, and actually makes sense. This could be the sign that domestic works like she does would be a lucrative job!

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