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10 Little Anythings That Can Make Anyone Happy, Anytime

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As we go around our busy days, we often find ourselves not at our peak – emotionally, physically, or otherwise. I have found that no matter how I am feeling, there are some things that are seemingly inconsequential, but they perk me right up, energize me instantly, make me smile or just give me this calm, peaceful feeling! So here are just ten of those little anythings I thought of.

  1. Wrapping a warm blanket around me right from the dryer on a cold day.
  2. That first moment of quiet after I turn off the exhaust fan, or the vacuum cleaner, or even the laptop.
  3. That wonderful smell after a rain.
  4. Removing my shoes after a long day of walking.
  5. A hot cup of chocolate (or tea) while sitting in front of a fire on a cold day, or that cool glass of lemonade (or just water) on a hot day.
  6. Finding money that I had kept in a ‘safe’ place and forgotten about.
  7. Popping bubble wrap (according to my kids, it is soooo satisfying!)
  8. Sinking my feet into sand, and especially the wet sand at the beach and have them sink further with the next wave 🙂
  9. Waking up before the alarm and turning it off.
  10. Finding the perfect parking spot as soon as I reach a busy mall; and better yet when someone is leaving right as I enter an almost full parking lot. That right place, right time feeling can’t get any better than this, right?

And one more, though I said ten:

Watching my kids engaged in a friendly game of basketball or monopoly or just about any other game; and listening to their laughter and conversation as they simply enjoy being siblings 🙂

So, what are the anythings that make your day? Let me know.. and yes, I know I do have more than ten myself and I plan to make a note of those things that me smile each and every day.

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10 thoughts on “10 Little Anythings That Can Make Anyone Happy, Anytime

  1. Great post, Vidya! I think most of us forget to live in the moment, really take it all in and make time for self-nurturing and joy/happiness. I love all of your ideas in your list, especially hearing the laughter and joy of family members. Wrapping up in a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer is such a wonderful joyous feeling. Dancing in the rain, hearing a thunderstorm while going to sleep, and cozying up by the fire with a great book or watching my pets being playful fills me with such great joy and happiness. Thanks for such a great post and reminding me to take some time today to feel happy!

    1. thank you! dancing in the rain is something i would enjoy too (if only it were not so cold where i am when it rains..it was different growing up in India when the rains were a welcome relief from the heat and dancing is what we felt like doing!)

  2. I love your post! I always forget to just stop and be in the moment sometimes. I absolutely love wrapping up in a warm blanket! I have lots of them lol I will save this list to remind me that I should take a second to enjoy the little things!

  3. “Finding money that I had kept in a ‘safe’ place and forgotten about.” You nailed it. That is the BEST feeling. I also love when both my cats decide to curl up with me and my partner on the couch. Simply sharing the space and time means the world to me.

  4. I love love loveeee that you posted about this. #7 makes me really happy, too. I usually keep a gratitude journal where I jot down very similar things. It’s great to post about small things that make us happy because then we’re way more appreciative about things.

  5. I loveeee love loveee this post. Thanks for sharing! #7 makes me happy, too. It’s great to pay attention to these small moments (I even keep a gratitude journal to help with this) so that way we find beauty in the mundane 🙂

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