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Book Review:The Grave Digger

Did I read about this first or watch a movie or TV show where I heard about it? I am not sure at this point in time, but however I first learned about the practice. of digging up graves for bodies, mainly to be used for “learning purposes”, it left me feeling sad, angry, confused, and morbidly fascinated, all at the same time. Today, I am featuring a middle-grade read that is titled, well, ‘The Grave Digger’.

The Book Review

The Grave Digger

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Book Info

grave digger

Title: The Grave Digger
Author: Rebecca Bischoff
Publishers: Amberjack Publishing (29 Oct 2019)
Genre: Children’s Fiction , Middle Grade
Source: NetGalley eARC

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In 1875 Ohio, twelve-year-old Cap Cooper is an aspiring inventor—and a reluctant graverobber—enlisted by his father to help pay for his mother’s medical expenses.

When one of the dead returns to life at his touch, Cap unearths a world of dark secrets that someone at the local medical school wants to keep buried. On the brink of discovery, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning he has to protect those he loves most and save his own skin.

The Grave Digger is an eerie mystery set in the aftermath of the Civil War, filled with action, friendship, and a hint of the paranormal, perfect for those who enjoy reading late into the night and long after the lights go out.

My Thoughts

Cap would rather spend time in his tiny workshop working on new inventions than reading at his mom’s book club(well, kind of) meetings or, worse, digging up graves in the dead of night. But he cannot escape fate.

And when fate hands him the touch of life (or not) where the dead seem to be coming back to life as he digs them up, he falls headlong into a grave (pun intended) mystery. His curiosity leads him to investigate, and what he finds out is totally unexpected.

The book’s twists and turns will surprise and spook you. I loved Cap, and also loved his family as well as the friends he makes along the way.

The author touches upon other issues of the time, including racism and women’s rights, and does it just right without removing the focus from the mystery and keeping it highlighted enough to make curious readers want to explore more if they want.

In Summary

Overall, this book is a perfect read for this spooky season – with the right touch of creepiness, mystery, realities of life then, resourcefulness, friendships, family, and characters you would love to know better.

And I look forward to reading more by Rebecca Bischoff (‘The French Impressionist‘ to start with since it is already there!)

Rating: 4.5/5
Reading Level: 9 – 13 years (and up too!)
Reread Level: 3/5

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the digital review copy. These thoughts are my honest opinions of the book.

Dear Reader: What about you? What are your favorite spooky reads? For any age? Let me know so I can check those out too.


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