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Sunday Scribblings #19: Where I Work at Catching Up

Over this last week where I worked at catching up, I did learn one lesson – playing catch-up is a never-ending task! But I did manage to get more posts up here on the blog. And while I am nowhere near the talents I see with the various #Inktober hashtags, I feel good about the fact that I can come up with something while mixing and mashing multiple themes!

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Last Week

What I Did

Managed to post these book reviews on the blog

Managed to post these #Inktober posts on Instagram

And on a sidenote, I am taking two classes at the local community college that I am truly enjoying – both related to writing, so of course! That means assignments to work on, something new for me as I have not attended classes for a long while now.

Things Literary

Here are a couple of literary celebrations I failed to mark, once again, on the days they happened.

The first one was National Dictionary Day celebrated annually on October 16; and was created in honor of Noah Webster’s birthday. Do you know who a Eccedentesiast is? Read this post I wrote earlier and which is perfect for celebrating #DictionaryDay to find out: 50 Forgotten Words That Need to be Brought Back

The next one was Black Poetry Day. It is celebrated annually on October 17; and created in honor of the first published black poet in the United States. Jupiter Hammon was born in Long Island, New York, on October 17, 1711.  Reading poetry can be done anytime and here are a few reads I recommend wholeheartedly for #BlackPoetryDay (mentioned here and here earlier on the blog)

What Next

There is more catching up to do

  • replying to comments on my blog
  • visiting more blogs this coming week than I did last week via the weekly memes and Facebook, among others
  • and I know, there is something else slipping my mind. Well, I certainly hope I will remember that in time for all that catching up

In addition to review posts and Inktober, I had other bookish and non-bookish posts in mind that hopefully will find their way out here this coming week.

A Little Bit of Randomness

Leggings have their own day! I do know by looking often at the National Day Calendar that we celebrate the weirdest things, and just when I think I had seen them all, I see this one – International Legging Day. On closer inspection, the ‘International’ is kind of misleading and it is established by Fabletics…

So what was the bit of randomness you ran across this past week that stuck you as weird or simply

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings

So, there it was, a quick wrap up of this last week. As I continue posting for this month, I hope to introduce you to more wonderful reads; and glimpses of my writing and drawing attempts via my Inktober posts!

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And Now…Well, You Know…The End

My previous posts for this month are below.

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