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Book Review: Me & Earl & the Dying Girl (Guest Post)

Today’s post is a guest post! The guest – my son 🙂 and the book – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

As I have mentioned a few times on my blog, my son and I share reading lists and likes! He often recommends reads to me and vice versa. And I have to admit I have enjoyed the books and short stories he has asked me to read. Today, I pestered him for a review and you will hopefully know why after you read it. I chose not to add anything to his review, and as I have to yet read the book (it is on my TBR), I did/could not add my thoughts 🙂

Title: Me & Earl & the Dying Girlmeandearlanddyinggirl
Author: Jesse Andrews

The cover of the book greets you with a rather long title, followed by the sentence “This is the funniest book about death you will ever read”.

This singular sentence probably sums up the book better than anything could. It isn’t wordy, and doesn’t use excessive verbiage, but it gets the message across. It is the funniest book about death you will ever read. I think. Unless you have read a funnier one.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, written by Jesse Andrews, is definitely a quick read. But in that short amount of time, you read an emotionally deep, humorous, somewhat profane, ultimately sad story. It revolves around the main character – the “Me” in the title – Greg Gaines. He leads a nonchalant life and spends most of his time with the closest thing he has to a best friend, Earl. He has never had someone to care for, someone who truly cares for him. Till “the dying girl” comes along. A childhood friend of his, Rachel, comes back into his life. This time, with the addition of leukemia. Greg’s life takes a turn, a complete one-eighty, and his story is every bit as funny as it is gut-wrenching
The book does consist of quite a bit of language, but that aside, I would recommend it to all readers (above the age of 13 or 14)

While I knew I wanted to read it before,I want to read it even more now after his review! What about you?

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