S is for Smile

While the first word I thought of was social, with all the use of ‘social distancing’ currently, I ended up picking the word smile. Just the thought of this word itself makes one smile, doesn’t it?

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”– Tom Wilson

A smile is definitely beneficial. It makes you healthy and happy within seconds, and best of all, it is totally free. Aside from all the health benefits that various studies show, a smile is the simplest way to brighten and lighten your day!

No matter how I am feeling, if I put a smile on my face (real or not), I instantly feel better, and the smile becomes realer! So, smile and brighten your day, and in the process, brighten the days of those who see your smile!

And no matter how someone else is feeling, a smile makes things better all around.

“A smile confuses an approaching frown.”

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The Books

A Stopwatch from Grampa

Book Info

Title: A Stopwatch from Grampa
Author: Loretta Garbutt
Illustrator: Carmen Mok
Publishers: Kids Can Press
Pub Date: April 7, 2020
Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Social Themes / Death & Dying
Age-Range: 4 -7 years
Source: Edelweiss

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My Thoughts

This story is another of those that tugs at your heart strings effortlessly. Grampa is suddenly no longer there in this little one’s life, and leaves behind his favorite stopwatch. The child wonders who would want the stopwatch when you are missing the person, and also wonders why Grampa would leave his favorite thing behind? We watch as the child moves from grief to acceptance, and the stopwatch becomes a happy way to remember and cherish Grampa.

Carmen Mok’s simple and sweet illustrations help enhance the storytelling and capture the emotions perfectly. Together, the words and the artwork will help parents and caregivers when they have to discuss the difficult topics of loss and grief, with sensitivity and gentleness.

In Summary

A sweet, emotional read that will help young ones deal with the grief when grandparents pass away

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book review a stopwatch from grampa

Disclaimer: Thank you to Edelweiss and the publishers for the digital ARC of the book; these are my honest opinions after reading the book.

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

My ‘S’ Book Stack

The Books

  • The South Beach Diet
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • The Samurai’s Tale
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • Stuart Little
  • Stories for Children
  • Shutter Island
  • Snapshots from Hell: The Making of an MBA
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  • Summer Days
  • The Story and Its Writer
  • Saving Each Other
  • Sing Me a Story
  • Ship of Dreams
  • Sideways Stories From Wayside School
  • Small Mercies
  • The Sons of Neptune
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Stories….
  • The Secret Seven
  • The Secret Island
  • A Shocking Delight
  • Someone to Love
  • Small Town Secret
  • Secrets of a Summer Night
  • Stranded With the Sergeant
  • Secret Daughter (not pictured)
  • Scarlett (sequel to Gone With the Wind – not pictured)
  • The Scarlet Letter (not pictured)
  • Song for Papa Crow (not pictured)
  • Sunborn Rising (not pictured)
  • Swami and Friends (not pictured)
  • Simon Vs the Homo Sapien Agenda(not pictured)
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything (not pictured)

Quick Notes

As always, found some books after taking the picture, and I know there are more somewhere waiting to be found!! Small Mercies is the book I got thanks to another book blogger (I need to send a thank you) and my dd is reading it now.

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.” – Maya Angelou

Random Thing(s) for ‘S’ Day

  • squit: Nonsense; amusing stories
  • sottisier: collection of jokes, quotes, or ridiculous remarks
  • Syzygy: an alignment of celestial bodies.

And one of my favorite words is serendipity

“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”
― Charlie Chaplin

And now, the end of this post

So, dear reader, as always, a couple of questions for you. Have you read the pictured ‘S’ book? Do you have interesting ‘S’ words or facts for me?

“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

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“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

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24 thoughts on “S is for Smile

  1. My great granddaughter definitely has the key to fit the lock of peoples hearts with her smiles!I love that quote. A Stopwatch from Grandpa sound like a wonderful book for young children when grieving and I also know many from your book list today! Smiles to you!

  2. A long time ago, I read “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” I don’t remember much about it, but I do remember that it was very exciting. I think that there must have been sword fights or something. I was in my sword fighting phase as a reader back then. Fortunately, not in real life. 🙂

  3. Such an inspiring post! That is quite the book list! Oh how i wish I had time to read fiction but I spend my reading time with my nose in non-fictional dm anything about the brain. Lol! And I love that you picked SMILE! That’s actually something I’ve been doing when feeling super stressed during the time. I either smile or laugh hysterically. My kids think I’m crazy but at least it keeps me from going bizerk on them. LOL!!

  4. I love this! I already almost teared up reading the synopsis of A Stopwatch from Grandpa. Beautiful. Of course my ‘S’ word is Sass because I live and breathe it for my business, and both my kiddos are that as well. haha. Smile is my fave too… interesting how the word alone sparks a smile! Always love your alphabet reads!

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