Poetic Journey From Alliteration to Zeugma

This past month was a poetic journey from alliteration to zeugma; and as a new month and a new challenge begins, I will be taking a detour of sorts. Where will this lead? I am not sure. But there will be a little bit of everything as I work towards a new schedule.

What about you? How do you start off transitions in your life? Any tips you would love to share that can help with making changes? While doing more of the new while continuing a bit of the old?

I will continue (or restart my Sunday Scribblings) and there is a blog tour book review plus Q & A in the very near future. But as I think on those strategies, here is a look back at my April Poetic Potpourri

Poetic Journey From Alliteration to Zeugma

Poetic Potpourri: Poetic Journey From Alliteration to Zeugma

A Recent Capture

My caption for this is below. I would love to hear any other suggestions you have!

Flowers of Differing Colors Bloom Together

Goes towards 6WS (Six Word Saturday) and another wonderful UBC!

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  1. This comment box is so far down the page that I missed it the first couple of times.
    As you can see persistence finally found it.

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