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Sunday Scribblings #8: Where I Played Catch Up and (Almost) Did

First of all, thank you to all those who visited me these past few days as I worked through issues on my blog for the first half of the week; and then worked on playing catch up for the next half (well spilling over into this week actually!). Your support means a lot and inspires me to keep moving forward.. and I almost caught up as a result… .

So here is what I have for this edition of Sunday Scribblings.

Last Week:

The Issue:

Late last Sunday afternoon, as I was working on my post, I realized I could not update it anymore. I got the error – Updating failed. I tried to publish the half-written post – error – Publishing failed. I then moved on to the comments that had be moderated – somehow a few more spam comments than expected were also there. But here also, I found failure – comments marked as spam/trash as well as approved comments all came back in the pending queue. When I tried to reply to a comment and approve the reply (hoping this would get both the original and my reply out there), I got a permission error for wp-admin.

I then checked the permissions on the file in wp-admin and increased it (more than the recommended permissions) – but it did not help. I finally reached out to the help desk for my host – iPage. And while it took a few backs and forths and almost four days, it was finally resolved (so thank you to iPage support).

There is more to the story and things that will definitely help others if they run into issues like this. I will have a separate post for that soon after this challenge is done with the details.

My Posts (for) last Week:

I went through the letters G through L last/this week and here they are below:

Coming Next:

  • This is spring break week for the kiddos (well, my teens!) and that means a whole different schedule as they stay home. We have to work on staycation plans so we all stay sane. I am glad that their extracurricular classes don’t take the spring break off; so for now, they have robotics (addnl meetings all this week to get ready for an upcoming competition that we are all excitedly looking forward to), dance and music classes at the least. Throw in a birthday party, playdates (or as they like to call it, hanging out), and maybe a day trip to the beach (the weather is gorgeous finally), a movie at the theaters – and we should hopefully be set.
  • Posts for the letters M through R for this week
  • I never got around to anything else I had planned for last week so maybe this week?
  • And literary celebrations coming up this week for those who are interested:

A Little Bit of Randomness:

Everyday is a celebration of some sort. You can check the National Day Calendar or other similar sites to find out celebrations in your area/around the world 🙂 Take a wild guess on at least one of these National Day celebrations for April 15th, come on… just Take a Wild Guess… Nope? You give up… Well, it is National Take a Wild Guess Day!! Yes there is one such day too, talk about random! National Take a Wild Guess Day was created by Jim Barber (

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings:

So that’s it folks for this edition of scribblings. Thank you again for your continued support.

What are your comments or questions about today’s post? I would love to hear from you. Check out previous posts in this challenge using the links below.

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