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Sunday Scribblings #10: Catching Up? Forget It and Keep Plodding On…

Before I get started on the post; today – the 23rd of April – is World Book Day, as well as English Language Day, and the Bard’s birthday!

And yes, this post for day 21 is a couple of days late. This game is getting old, or does it never get old? This game of playing catch up, I mean. I almost caught up last Tuesday and then….

Last Week:

The Issue:

It briefly made a reappearance last week; thankfully the helpdesk reps now knew what to do and resolved it sooner. But I am now working on preventive measures. The issue and spring break set me back a bit.. and I am plodding along on this challenge. Well, I will get to the finish line, I promise!

My Posts (for) last Week:

I went through the letters M through R last/this week and here they are below:

Coming Next:

  • Posts for the letters S through X for this week
  • I never got around to anything else I had planned for last week so maybe this week? – This sounds like a refrain… 🙂
  • Literary Celebrations this week:
    • 23 – World Book and Copyright Day (UNESCO)
    • 23 – National Talk Like Shakespeare Day (Shakespeare’s birthday)
    • 23 –  English Language Day (UN)
    • 27 – National Tell a Story Day

A Little Bit of Randomness:

Everyday is a celebration of some sort. You can check the National Day Calendar or other similar sites to find out celebrations in your area/around the world 🙂 Take a wild guess on at least one of these National Day celebrations for April 15th, come on… just Take a Wild Guess… Nope? You give up… Well, it is National Take a Wild Guess Day!! Yes there is one such day too, talk about random! National Take a Wild Guess Day was created by Jim Barber (

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings:

So that’s it folks for this edition of scribblings. Thank you again for your continued support.

What are your comments or questions about today’s post? I would love to hear from you. Check out previous posts in this challenge using the links below.

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1 thought on “Sunday Scribblings #10: Catching Up? Forget It and Keep Plodding On…

  1. I totally missed about on these literary celebrations and forgot about them. Totally sad since we could have made some activities in our authors group. Will make sure to write it on my calendar for next year.

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