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Sunday Scribblings #22: A Week That Showed What Time Is

This last week was another reminder of what time is: of time and its passage, well, flight, as in, time flies! And I was hoping to play catch up to get to one post for every day so far this month. But as I mentioned earlier, time flies, and my mind and my fingers were not as fast. And this time, Sunday spilled into Monday.

I heard about an app on the radio during an NPR interview called One Second Everyday. When I checked the app store on my iPhone, I found there are so many similar ones since that first one.

The app puts together second-long snippets from each day into a video – your life in everyday seconds. You can make changes to the selections. And don’t worry, you don’t need to actually take one-second videos, the app picks one second snippets from the videos you have taken!

I have now downloaded it. Will I make active use of it? Not sure but I do know I take random videos every once in a while and that should be good enough to look back on later!

Sunday Scribblings What Time Is

Last Week

As I mentioned in my last Sunday Scribblings, we celebrated National Winnie the Pooh Day and National Thesaurus Day on the 18th. Did you learn any new words?

I am keeping up with my one word a day so far and a couple recent ones are

  • hootenanny (n) – a gathering at which folk singers entertain often with the audience joining in. (Usage: “Here Willie’d promised to take me to the summer hootenanny to hear the men with the fiddles. Don’t reckon there’ll be any dancing now.” – From The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek)
  • intercalate (v) – a) to insert (something, such as a day) in a calendar; b) to insert between or among existing elements or layers (Usage: The Julian calendar intercalates a day in February every four year! Or How I wish I could intercalate a day in the calendar whenever I need to!??)

And Sunday, the 19th of January (when this post should have been up), was Poe Day celebrating Edgar Allen Poe. He is certainly one of my favorite writers. And here is a ‘Poe’m for you to enjoy – ‘A Dream Within a Dream‘.

My #photoaday posts went up regularly and here are a couple for you to enjoy!


On the Blog

Well, more reviews for sure and at least one or two non-review posts (might still be bookish!)

And Elsewhere This Week

So may wonderful celebrations that I had to include. A few literary ones and others guaranteed to make you smile, one way or another!

  • 21 – National Hugging Day – Go ahead, hug a loved one and reap in the benefits of a happier heart!
  • 22 – Library Shelfie Day is celebrated on the fourth Wednesday of January, which is, yes, this Wednesday. So show off your best shelfies! And I look forward to seeing them as well. #LibraryShelfieDay
  • 22 – Celebration of Life Day – This is to celebrate the children and grandchildren in our lives, but I believe this is just about everyday!
  • 23 – National Reading Day – This was established to celebrate and encourage reading among younger readers.
  • 23 – National Handwriting Day – A day established in 1977 to promote writing. This day was picked in honor of John Hancock, who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence. So go ahead and pick up your pen or pencil and write down something on paper – maybe a letter full of compliments!
  • 24 – International Day of Education – UNESCO proclaimed this day to celebrate education and its obvious benefits as well as to promote the #RightToEducation.
  • 24 – National Compliment Day – Another day to warm someone’s heart and make their day brighter. Again, everyday should be compliment day too! So you just give one or more extra ones on the 24th to celebrate #NationalComplimentDay!
  • 25 – National Opposite Day – Who knew? But I know my kids will NOT HAVE fun celebrating this day, just like I know they did not enjoy watching the movie Opposite Day a few years ago. As for me, well, I loooved it!!!

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings

So, there it was, a wrap up of this last week and a bit more. Looking forward to reading more, writing more, and interacting with all of you more!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #22: A Week That Showed What Time Is

  1. You do so many interesting things…a word-a-day…a photo-a-day…very cool.

    Lots of lovely posts for the month. Great job!

    I hope you will link up often at Sunday Salon. I put the linkup on my blog early each Saturday and generally run it through Monday. It’s a nice way to visit other blogs and see what bookish things are going on.

    1. Thank you Deb. That is nice to know about your posting schedule. I will be able to catch up on other blogs for these weekly postings by three days at the most so hope to get to visit more blogs on the Salon/Post by tomorrow

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