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Deja vu? Golden Shovel Revisited

Poetry is one of my passing passions, and I dip my fingers into it every so often. I even worked through the A to Z of poetic forms in one A-to-Z-Challenge month. In an effort to ensure I try writing poems regularly, I set that up as one poem a week for this year, and this week, it seems like deja vu!

Sometime in the last day or so, I planned to attempt the Golden Shovel in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt over at Writer’s Digest. And as I saw it, I somehow recalled that I wrote the Golden Shovel around the same time last year. Sure enough, when I did a search on my blog posts, I found one post dated Jan 22, 2019, and another dated Jan 18, 2018 among a few others. So deja vu? Or not?

You can find more about how to write it here. But in short, use the words from a line of a poem you love(d) as the end words of the lines of your poem (and don’t forget to give credit to the original poem/t).

For today’s attempt, I picked the poem One Today by Richard Blanco. I found this poem as I was looking for poems to read for MLK Day. Disclaimer: today was the first time I read this poem but I am thankful I did, and I loved it enough to use it for my golden shovel poem. I picked one line from the poem – “One sky, toward which we sometimes lift our eyes”. This poem was written for Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration (Jan 2013) and you can read it here.

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My Deja Vu Golden Shovel – Those Twinkles of Time

Those twinkles of time
When we see our loved one‘(s)
smile, or glimpse a rainbow in the sky,
hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet toward
us. Aren’t these the moments which
enrich us, define us. Don’t we
all wait for these sometimes
moments when our spirits lift,
our hearts warm as we see our
love shining from their eyes
– Vidya Tiru (aka LadyInRead)

Deja Vu in Those Twinkles of Time
Those twinkles when my little girl simply loved mismatched socks (she still wears mismatched socks – though now it is because she can’t find a pair!)

And now, the end of this post

So dear reader, what are those precious twinkles of time in your life that have made you smile in the last week? And have you experienced deja vu? Do let me know.

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5 thoughts on “Deja vu? Golden Shovel Revisited

  1. Wow! Love your “golden shovel” poem. Very beautiful. I’ve always struggled to write to begin with, but poetry I’ve never been able to put words together and make it sound good. Ugh! Thanks for sharing this. It made my morning!

  2. Lillian here….pub tender at and author of Tuesday’s prompt which is to be about dreams. While I’m delighted you’ve posted and connected to dVerse, I have a few problems with this post.
    First: I don’t see any link to dVerse anywhere. We always ask there be a link or mention of dVerse so other people can find us. This also increases your readership. dVerse is a wonderful community and we welcome so many folks from across the world.
    Second: I do not see anyway this is related to the prompt. Can you perhaps change it someway so that it does relate to the prompt? Or explain somewhere how it relates to the prompt?
    I hope you will heed this comment…..Unfortunately, as the author of the prompt and tender at dVerse for the prompt, I will have to delete your link unless you can somehow show how it’s related to the prompt. We’ve had 30+ people post to the prompt: all have links to dVerse and all can easily be seen to relate to the prompt. I’ll check back a little later today to see if you’ve adjusted this.
    Again, I would love to have you participate…..and I do hope you’ll come back to dVerse often and respond according to the prompts given.

    1. Thanks for visiting and the info, Lillian. Please do go ahead and delete my link on the Tuesday Poetics prompt. I realized my mistake as soon as I posted my link so I had added my comments to the prompt post for the Tuesday Poetics asking to delete soon after I figured I could not delete it myself..
      My actual idea was to add it to last Thursday’s OpenNight links and update my post as well as linking to dverse..
      I do participate occasionally in dVerse and love the dVerse community so always do make sure I link back in my posts when I write them with the dVerse prompt in mind..

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