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April Wrapped Up

Woo-hoo!!!Whew!!! Yayyy!!! April is all done and wrapped up. And I managed to post every single day without fail – for the first time in many UBCs. It was also the AtoZChallenge so I also did it alphabetically as I reviewed books, put my home library on display for you, and quoted quotes at you for each letter.

Congratulations to all the UBCers and AtoZChallengers who participated, no matter where you are in the journey. And thank you to all who visited and commented on my blog this past month. I cherish reading every comment. I will take time in the next few days to reply to them as much as possible – both on my blog, and visit yours too (if I have not done so already..)

Below are the links to my posts for April.

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ultimate blog challenge

As with previous such challenges, I have discovered great new blogs and spent time with old familiars; and enjoyed the journey with friends made through the blogging world – both old (as in, from earlier!) and new. It has been a great time as always, and I look forward to returning to your blogs in between challenges as well.

So what next? For those of you who were part of these challenges, I am sure you have some other plans in mind already! Do let me know so I can be inspired by your ideas. As for me, I hope to keep posting reviews, and other bookish as well as non-bookish posts regularly, though it will most likely be less than daily!

And since it is Children’s Book Week soon (May 4 – May 10), I will definitely be posting some children’s book related posts during that time. So look for fun posts and discover wonderful books for kids of all ages on my blog soon.

children's book week

May is also Get Caught Reading Month, so here is to the joys of reading now and always.

1 thought on “April Wrapped Up

  1. I think in this time of Staying Home, I must apply myself to turning my mother’s memory blog posts into a book to self-publish. The feeling of accomplishment would offset and distract me from the fearful times we are experiencing.

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