Bookish Moonlit Summer Nights

So I have been away for the last few days of this summer. While I had a blast with my family (we walked 1000s of steps each day in the Big Apple and the Niagara Falls), we are vacationed out and glad to be home (and glad for bookish moonlit summer nights)! But I am going to go ahead with my bookish summer posts where I left off.

Summer nights hold wonderful memories indeed. And they have this magical power to stir up nostalgia at the blink of an eye or the twinkle of a star or at a glimpse of the summer moon.

Ah, those wonderful Bookish Moonlit Summer Nights!

They conjure images of reading under the full moon on the terrace of my childhood home, of listening to Ameen Sayani on AIR sitting in our balcony using that old Philips radio with nothing but the moon(or just the stars on those moonless nights) for company, of so many more memories that thankfully are easy to recreate as well.

Bookish Moonlit Summer Nights!

And they remind me of books read and unread. So: thank you, summer nights; thank you, moon!

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Here are a few books that I have read or have wanted to read, that feature the moon; thus making this a Bookish Moonlit Summer Nights post!

Haroun - Books for Dads

Haroun and the Sea of Stories – This is a book that makes an appearance so very often on my blog; one of them is here. While the word moon does not show up in the title, the titular Sea of Stories is on the fictional moon aptly named Kahani (or story).

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A Full Moon is Rising – I read this years ago and I know I will be glad to read more books like this anytime.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret – The moon reference in this – Melies’ most famous movie (which is also featured in the book and the movie) is ‘A Trip to the Moon‘ – (one of) the first science fiction movies made

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Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs – A book that is sweet and definitely one to have next to you when loved ones are far away, and your little ones (or you) are missing them.

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Harry Moon series – I read a couple of the books in this series and enjoyed them. This series has a wonderful message that shines through its’ books: ‘What all boys and girls are destined to become if they simply believe…….They become magic’

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While not necessarily the moon, these books I reviewed here and enjoyed are to do with outer space and hence encompass the moon automatically!

And I read these books below when my now-teens were tiny tots

  • Love You to the Moon and Back
  • Goodnight, Moon

Dear reader, do you have any books that you can add to this list? Age group, genre of book does not matter.. I would love to hear about them.. Do let me know in the comments..

…and so my bookish summer continues…..

While the UBC Challenge is over, my bookish summer will continue for a few more posts yet..

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  1. Harry’s Spooky Surprise is great to read in a month or two! Oh, how I wish I had time to read more books myself! Summer is such a perfect time to read!

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