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Have Books, Will Travel

There are places that I know and have seen that I love to read about in books, and places that I read about in books I want to travel to. This week’s Top Ten theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is Settings we would like to see more of.

have books, will travel

I have actually done this exact same theme earlier here. Each visit to these settings through books holds the joyous thrill of new discoveries and the familiar comfort of home. Some are real while others are fictional, some are specific while others less so.

And other similar top tens, including Books that Inspire Travel, Fictional Places You’ll Wish Were Real, Bookish Settings I Would Love to Visit (if real), and Worlds I’d Never Want to Live in.

Since I have done this before, today’s top ten settings includes those we would like to see more of (or at all); it is based on a discussion I had with others at home

  • San Fransokyo (from the movie Big Hero)
  • The oceans (influenced by Life of Pi to an extent)
  • An upside-down world (A Stranger Things impact)
  • The Sahara and the Amazon (because we want more of these settings)
  • Small towns with names like Friendship, Serendipity, Hope and maybe some of those weird named towns too, like Bread Loaf (it really is the name of a town!)
  • India (my kids want to read more books that they enjoy set in India, while for me, it is more specifics about settings in India)
  • A public mode of transportation – planes, trains, ships, buses, etc (somehow books and movies with these settings move at the perfect pace!!)
  • Ireland and Scotland (something beautiful and magical about them)
  • The ends of the earth – literally – the Arctic and Antarctica
  • The circus and the zoo (The Night Circus, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and so many other books I read as a child/adult)

What about you? What are the settings that you want to see more of in books? Let me know if any of these will show up in yours

And so my bookish summer continues…..

This was for Day 23 of my bookish summer.. as I take a blogging journey along with fellow  UBCers and other blogger friends all around the world. Once again, thank you for your support always!

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