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Sunday Scribblings #2: Hits and Misses

Life is full of hits and misses, don’t you agree? I had my fair share of both this week as far as my goals were concerned.

This week was one where I peredinated to the nth degree! And all my posts for the week were written over the period of a couple of days as I tried to catch up (still am!) for the UBC and commenting on posts for dropped links as well as, let us just say, more….. But here I am on Monday, finishing up my Sunday Scribblings post, so almost there!

Speaking of Sunday, the weather here was a wash(literally) and the Super Wolf Blood Moon – invisible for the duration of the eclipse. I am guessing by some photos on Facebook that there were instances where we could catch glimmers but I missed those:-(. So I totally missed the total lunar eclipse -you can just see a hint of a shadow on the upper right in the first photo and then barely 10 minutes later, that was gone too. No changes done to the photos at all except cropping them a bit and adding my blog name.

Taken 10.50 pm PST, Jan 20, 2019, on my Canon SX50HS

Taken 11:00 pm PST, Jan 20, 2019, on my Canon SX50HS

On My Blog:

Last Week:

  • Dinotopia, A Land Apart from Time young readers – dino-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy – review
  • The Fantastic Dinosaur Adventure young readers – dino-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy – review
  • Short story ‘Demons‘ from ‘I am an Executioner’ – review
  • I did the catching up on my Comment 4 Comment challenge for the pending comments as of last week (and see Next Week:-))
  • If you are a logophile, then this post with wonderful forgotten and/or underused words is for you
  • Pamper your skin with these easy DIY lotion bars. Your skin will thank you:-)
  • What is Poetry? – non-fiction – review
  • Water – so essential to our health, yet we often ignore it. If you say to yourself – been(am) there, do(ne) that – then this post will help you stay hydrated, easily!
  • Shooting birds tends to make me happy – with a camera!!! Here are some of my random captures. I think you will enjoy them.

Next Week/Current Reads:

  • Smarter Next Year (reading and review week of 1/21)
  • In Paris With You (reading and review week of 1/21)
  • The Milk Lady of Bangalore – for Continental Reading Challenge (Asia) and Diversify Your Reading Challenge (January – Memoir – review week of 1/28)
  • Bird by Bird: Anne Lamott (reading and review week of 1/28)
  • Catch up on commenting (replying to comments on my blog, 
    the comment 4 comment challenge , and of course commenting on other blogs in linkups) by Tuesday
  • One other non-book review post (still TBD) coming up this week

Perpetual (for 2019):

Continental Reading Challenge 2019 – Read more about this super easy reading challenge (as far as number of books are concerned!) here and sign up to join! Book recommendations provided here. My Book Map will be up before the end of this month.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019 – Make your way to healthier eating and a better you this year so much more easier and smoother with the help of this wonderful resource put together by those amazing folks at Ultimate Bundles.


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