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5 Reasons to Reach Out and Hug

As I noted in my Sunday Scribblings post, Jan 21 is National Hugging Day. So, go ahead, reach out and hug a loved one.. or anyone in need of one (note: first make sure they are OK with it too!)

Paraphrased from the official ‘About Us’ page –

National Hugging Day, aka National Hug Day or Hug Day, was created by Kevin Zaborney and first celebrated in Clio, Michigan in 1986. It has since spread internationally and is now celebrated in other countries around the world. It was mainly created to encourage people to hug loved ones often (and consensually). Hugging, like other positive touches, improves one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Reach Out and Hug

Hugging Day - 5 Reasons to Reach Out and Hug

Embrace the Power of the Hug!

Quotes I Loved

“Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better.” — Unknown
“Hug harder, laugh louder, smile bigger, love longer.” — Unknown
“A hug is the perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.” — Unknown
“You can’t give a hug without getting a hug.” — Unknown
“Sometimes when you don’t know what to say, a hug says enough.” — Unknown
“The best place in the world is inside a hug.” — J Quest

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