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Puzzles That Your Dinofan Will Love

So I promised a non-book review post this week and it is already Sunday! As I am playing catch up again, I have one quick mini-review for this post. In my dino post (books) of earlier last week, I mentioned my son’s love for all things dinosaurs when he was but a tot. And he also loved jigsaw puzzles, which meant we bought many dinosaur related jigsaw puzzles. That led to today’s post – Puzzles That Your Dinofan Will Love

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Melissa and Doug T-Rex Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

One of our favorites, and one of the earliest ones he worked on (a simpler puzzle), was the Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle. This one was a snap, literally:-), from what I recall, and really a cool puzzle to look at too when finished.

Bright colors, sturdy pieces, and a shaped puzzle too that lends to its uniqueness as well adding a layer of fun and complexity to an already cool puzzle.

And this has certainly withstood the test of time. I can testify to this because we still have it – my son is now 16, and we have had it out of the box and solved many times over (ourselves and for little guests that are visiting) since he first solved it at the age of four. You can see how thrilled he was at having finished it. You can also see the size of the puzzle – 2 ft * 3ft – in comparison to my then 3.5 yr old.

Rating: A+ /For fun many times over…. for ages 3+

More DinoFun:

And below are a few other puzzles I recommend. These are all wonderful to gift to any fan of dinosaurs.

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2 thoughts on “Puzzles That Your Dinofan Will Love

    1. While I don’t recall buying a 1000 piece dinosaur puzzle, we had a set of six 500-piece dino puzzles my parents gifted my son (they bought it in Indonesia). Each of them featured a different dinosaur and they kept him busy at 4 years of age..
      The 1000 piece puzzle that my son really loved working on was this one – Ford Mustang Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 Piece. It shows as currently unavailable on Amazon.. by the time he had advanced to 1000 pieces, his interests had changed – from dinos to cars!! We have this one framed in his room.

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