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Blog(ger)s That Make My Day

The 24th of January was National Compliment Day; and an earlier prompt this week from Paul Taubman was to list some of the blogs we discovered during the Ultimate Blog Challenge or those blogs we visit just because we want to. While I have many, many blogs I enjoy reading and for a long time now, I am picking just a random few – both old and new-to-me – not just from the UBC, but also others I truly enjoy reading. So here are some of the Blog(ger)s That Make My Day, any day I visit!!

Bloggers that make my day
  • Alice at Alice’s Grand Adventures  – Alice tells the most wonderful stories – those from her life that inspire as well as the ones that she creates that always make me smile. She also paints, crafts, takes long walks, and more – and does everything with aplomb.
  • Deb Nance at ReaderBuzz – Deb’s book selections never fail to astound and tempt me. You can find suggestions for all ages and across a wide range of genres at her blog.
  • DJ Sakata at Books and Bindings – Her book reviews are concise and clever and crafty, and never fail to amaze me. I know that if she ever writes a book, I will be reading that without fail!
  • Doug Jarvie at Where Do You Want to Go Today? – Travel the world with Doug while in the comfort of your armchair! Doug’s photos will take you wherever he is, so you can go wherever he is 🙂
  • Elisa at Life Without a Manual – Elisa writes about winging it in life, each of us in our own wonderful ways. Her posts resonate with me, as a mom, as a woman, and as another human winging it in life!
  • Gayatri at ElgeeWrites – Gayatri is a fellow book blogger. She writes about reading, writing, and book blogging. Her bookish adventures leave me inspired and her blogging tips are ones I know I need to use!
  • Jay’s Bibliophilopolis – Jay’s Deal Me In challenge is definitely is one of the main reasons (or the reason) I read more short stories now than I did before. And I discover many great new authors and reads through his reviews as well.
  • Jo at JoLinsdell – Jo is another fellow book blogger and her posts, like her, are brimming with energy. In addition to book reviews, she talks about book blogging, blogging in general, and offers various services including coaching and content design.
  • Lily Leung at OneThousandandTwo – Lily posts about life and its ups and downs with an honesty and a beauty that always make me want to keep reading. Her posts about her baking and art inspire me to try as well (soon..)
  • Martha at The Martha Review – Martha’s energy is limitless, and she blogs about just about everything. Her granddaughter and great-granddaughter (totally adorable Lia) join her every so often, so be ready to smile often as you read her posts.
  • Marysa at A Nation of Moms – Marysa blogs about a variety of topics that I find equally interesting and useful – parenting, travel, and more. She also has another blog dedicated to food called The Busy Vegetarian!
  • Roy’s Cerebrations – What can I say about Roy except he must be a bonefide genius! His posts about the latest in tech, politics, policies, medicine, etc, as well as the past, and life in general leave me better informed and enriched, always.
  • Shaye at The Miller Memo – Shaye always recommends the most wonderful books for children; and I enjoy reading her thoughts on the books.

And there are so many more blogs I enjoy and love reading that I have not included here today….The blogging community is truly a wonderful and supportive community, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

It feels good to be in a community. Community, above all, is bigger than individuals–we are something much more than individuals when we are part of a community. And this is how things ought to be.” – Tony Blackshaw

And Now, the End of this Post

So that was it for this post….

Compliments and thanks to all the bloggers who make my everyday better as I spend time reading their wondrous words on their blogs and as comments on my own posts!

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13 thoughts on “Blog(ger)s That Make My Day

  1. Thank you Vidya for the shout-out! I am so glad I found this challenge in 2016 plus you and your blog as well! As you know I don’t have a niche, just writes what wakes me in the night (literally LOL). My best part of blogger now is have Lia the Baby Blogger as my partner in crime. She is such an inspiration to me and the memories we make together are so wonderful. Hugs to you and Ladyinreadwrites! 🤗

  2. Thanx for the compliment – I’m blushing and my chest is all puffed up with self-importance! But, snort – my former boss would be shocked at the concise comment, I was always being called out for writing the longest reports. 😉

  3. Awwww, thank you so much for your sweet words here, Vidya. I love seeing lists like these and I always look forward to adding new blogs to my reading list! Thank you for sharing!! <3

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