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Sunday Scribblings #188: Ink Trails of Yesterdays and More

Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Cinco de Mayo and given it was May fourth yesterday, here is hoping May the force be with you all through the month of May and beyond! Today, I go exploring the ink trails of yesterdays – as in the days of April – and bring you a poem made up of lines revisited. And as always, some more stuff too for my scribblings..

Plus, May is National Walking Month, so it is definitely the right time to hit the familiar trails, and discover new trails as well.

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Notepad and a pen over it with a cup of coffee next to it. words read Sunday Scribblings, and this is for Sunday Scribblings #188: Ink Trails of Yesterdays and More

Poetic Sundays: Ink Trails of Yesterdays

The Collage Poem Full of Ink Trails

This poem is a collage poem, where each line is taken from a different poem. The lines are in the exact order of the poems I wrote during NaPoWriMo (from Day 0 to Day 30 to make this a 31 line poem). Each line links to the original poem. I added a few words (in brackets) to help the flow a bit (though it can be better).

In general, a collage poem could be made up of words, phrases, lines from anything at all that you see; lines from poems by other poets, quotes from books/articles, random words and phrases you see, anything at all. It can take the reader down various trails, so to speak!

Exploring Old Trails: My Attempt

Ink Trails of Yesterdays
The roses out back, the ones I look out (upon)
I don’t recall if I ever read them all.
Believe me (when I say that) this is not idle prattle,
(for) their stories (soon) spun together into an epic nebula (battle).
That memory of course ended elsewhere, (took a foray),
Well, it took each of them in a (whole) different way.
(But coming back to here and now); it’s the thought that counts after all, right true?
I wish you were here, I really do.
Anyways and finally!
You may be what they call basic, you see
(But I know better) (For you) See that we are all the same,
Juggling a jumble of juxtaposition-ed self-judgmental thoughts,
Through valleys deep and mountains high,
(Thoughts) barely audible, as if playing hide-and-seek.
revealing the hidden paths we’ve yet to tread.
Had I saved it? I wondered
A forgotten note on the refrigerator door.
(Found it!!!) And I am all of ten again,
Cutting across dust bunnies, I play.
An unbidden prompting for what I still have to do.
Singing “Puppy Love” to the world (singing away the blues)
As bumblebees dance and dandelions sway free,
From kitchen window, my eyes did see,
But here’s what I am (really) thinking about –
That silence was sure loud with a steady stare.
“What do I fear the most?” I ask myself (then and there),
(The fear-y thoughts faded when – ) – well, wisdom wallows in wonder, I heard.
I (instantly) snapped back from my reverie;
With pen strokes, I pour the words, phrases and more, on a blank page.
You have just one life to live, I read,
Each tear longing for the day’s end
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites


On My Blog & at Home

My recent posts since and including my last Sunday Scribblings.


On My Blog & Homefront

Done with April’s month long challenges!!! May May bring with it more musings and mysteries and myriad other stuff too, including of course exploration of walking and hiking trails too.

This Week’s Celebrations

Literary Celebrations (close-to-it also!)

  • Literary birthdays this week of May include: Orson Welles on the 6th; Angela Carter, Robert Browning, Peter Carey, Deborah Wiles, and Rabindranath Tagore on the 7th; Edward Gibbon on the 8th; Alan Bennett, Charles Simić, J. M. Barrie, Joy Harjo, and Richard Adams on May 9th; Barbara Taylor Bradford and Christopher Paul Curtis on the 10th; Richard P. Feynman and Irving Berlin on May 11th; Edward Lear and George Carlin on the 12th
  • May 7th is Poem on Your Pillow Day (observed annually on the first Tuesday in May)
  • It is Family Reading Week and May 9th (the Thursday of this week) happens to be
    Make a Book Day.
  • The 11th is O. Henry Pun-off Day
  • May 12th is National Limerick Day
  • May is Better Speech and Language Month and National Get Caught Reading Month

Foodie Celebrations

Other Celebrations

Related Reads and More

Some of the Hiking trails and trips and etcs I mentioned before on my blog

Wrapping Up My Trails of Sunday Scribblings

Dear reader, will you attempt a collage poem of your own? What about exploring walking trails? Share your favorite hiking or walking trail, whether in your local area or anywhere else.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #188: Ink Trails of Yesterdays and More

  1. I learned something new today i had no idea what a collage poem was and found yours to be very creative thanks for sharing. Have a great reading/writing week.

  2. We had a fun Cinco de Mayo. We really didn’t do a whole lot and it was pretty relaxing. I like your poem!

  3. I lome Cinco de Mayo and love any excuse to enjoy delicious tacos, fajitas and even margaritas! I can dig into these foods any day of the week…. and Mexican food is one of my favorites!

  4. I like this idea of a collage poem; it sounds like something that is easier to put together without having so many poetic rules. I will definitely be doing a lot of walking this month!

  5. I must say that aside from having a beautiful poem this is the first time I knew about the collage poem and I am thankful that I read this because this is a new knowledge for me.

  6. Very good indeed! Enjoyed your poem. When you mentioned “may the 4th be with you” that reminds me of the music that Prodigies shared, using solfege coloured notes on the ledger lines, to play the melody for star wars. Just yesterday I managed to get outside for a walk, and it was a treat to see all the beautiful blossoms! Alice 🙂

  7. That poem is really so beautiful. Wow so many holidays in May. We don’t have all these holidays here in India.

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